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Supporters In Sight: An Introduction to Personas

July 21, 2021 Emelie Oberg

Can you identify the core supporters in your database?

Building persona models can help bring your existing supporters into focus, using the information you already have to cultivate even stronger relationships. And with fewer donors giving to charities, your relationships with those who are still giving are more valuable than ever!

The new ebook from the Blackbaud Institute examines what personas are and how you can use them to connect with your highest-impact supporters through personalised engagement strategies.

Start reading to discover:

  • What data-driven persona models can do for your organisation
  • Key demographic and inclination indicators that you can use to segment your donors
  • Recommendations for using personas across your entire organisation—not just in the development office
  • How to include persona models in your organisation’s strategy to create a more complete picture of your supporters

Download the ebook to get started!

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