Take the Corporate Partnerships Webinar Challenge with Abby Clemence

August 25, 2019
Get up-to-date with all the things your nonprofit needs to reach out to brands you want to work with. We’ve engaged the dynamic Abby Clemence from Infinity Sponsorship to run a 5-part webinar challenge that will give you all the knowledge you need AND the practical skills to reach out to brands you want to work with by the end of the challenge. You’ll have a step-by-step workbook to work through each week and each webinar will be highly interactive with polls and opportunities to share and ask questions. You’ll also have access to her closed Facebook group so you can continue to ask, debrief, and share your journey as you go. AU registration https://mailchi.mp/blackbaud/corporate-training NZ registration https://mailchi.mp/blackbaud/corporate-challenge We're here to support you every step of the way and I can’t wait to hear the GREAT conversations you’ll have with corporates! Learn more and save your spot here: https://mailchi.mp/blackbaud/corporate-training ----- *About Abby Clemence* Abby is an international speaker and one of Australia's leading corporate partnership experts. She helps For-Profit and For-Purpose organisations unlock the secrets of great partnerships and her specialty lies in teaching fundraisers to build partnerships that create meaningful and sustainable impact. It doesn’t matter if you’re volunteering on a committee in your rural town, or working for a global charity - every single one of you is working for change and better outcomes. Abby is in your corner and can teach you how to connect with the right brands, master your skills and grow your income. ----- Follow us: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BlackbaudPacific/ Twitter https://twitter.com/home LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/790036/admin/
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Overview - Blackbaud Partner Ecosystem Webinar Series #1 - On-demand
Overview - Blackbaud Partner Ecosystem Webinar Series #1 - On-demand

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Blackbaud Partner Ecosystem Webinar Series
Blackbaud Partner Ecosystem Webinar Series


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