5 Simple Tax-Time Fundraising Tips You Can Use Today

May 25, 2021

Australia’s biggest giving season is upon us, and we’re here to help you get it right!

We’ve taken 40+ years of learnings from supporting social good organisations and distilled it down to some essential tax-time strategy to help you reach more people, raise more money, and change more lives.

To help support you, we created this Tax-Time Toolkit (the one you’re reading now) to ensure you can reach out to and activate your supporters as quickly and easily as possible.

And it's all here: expert tips, copy-and-paste email and social media templates, and more!

We invite you to launch a fundraising campaign to encourage donations before 30 June, then use these resources to promote, share, and make the most of your campaign. Not only will your supporters be inclined to donate again but will appreciate learning how to get even more of a tax burden.

And if you already have a campaign started, you can use these resources to expand on it and amplify your impact even further.

Check out these five ultra-simple fundraising tips you can use to raise more money during Australia’s biggest season of giving.

Process lightning-fast donations with a free landing page

It's clear that today's donors want quick, efficient ways to give to their favourite cause, so let’s get all your tax-time fundraising in one simple, mobile-optimised place online.

The best and simplest way to do this is with a single, central fundraising page for your tax appeal. It's completely free to set up, and once you have it, you simply share the URL with your supporters for secure, quick, and easy online donations!

Create your free fundraising page now or watch the 7-minute step-by-step video tutorial


Integrate a JustGiving donation form into your own website 

When raising funds for a tax-time campaign, one of the best ways to get your JustGiving donation form seen is to embed it directly into your website or blog. With JustGiving’s Simple Donation Integration (SDI), you can incorporate the JustGiving donation process into your own platform. The process is simple for both you and your supporters and gives you the benefit of saving the donation ID to learn more about your supporters!

With SDI integration, when supporters click a button on your website, they’re taken directly into the secure JustGiving donation process, then redirected back to your website once they’re finished donating - it's that simple!

Create your donation form integration here


Make giving easy with a custom QR code

Don’t ask your supporters to Google your fundraising page, navigate your web page, or type in URLs from print material. Get a unique QR code for your fundraising or crowdfunding page and drive your supporters directly into your donation flow!

Here’s how. Once you’ve created your JustGiving page, grab the QR code by going to your page and adding ‘/qrcode’ to the end of your URL.

For example, if my page is www.justgiving.com/fundraising/MrsFundraiser, just copy /qrcode, paste it at the end, and click enter. Now you have www.justgiving.com/fundraising/MrsFundraiser/qrcode. Your QR code will then pop up, which you can save to your phone or computer.

You can use your QR code in any way you think of. Keep it on your phone so you have it ready any time you’re telling others about your fundraising – they can scan it directly from your phone!

Learn more about using QR codes for your nonprofit


Save time: use pre-written email and social media templates

The no. 1 reason people don’t give is that they’re not asked! To help thank your supporters and ask them for another donation near the end of this financial year, we’ve compiled copy-and-paste email and social media templates you can use, no extra effort needed. All you need to do is copy the content into your own template and replace the missing information with your own.

Click on the tiles below to grab each template:



Amplify your campaign further with custom social graphics

JustGiving Shareables empowers your supporters to celebrate their good work. When someone chooses to fundraise for or donate to your cause, they can select their favourite fun Shareable design, personalise it with their own choice of text, image and URL, then share it on their own channels (think social media, email, text message) for their family and friends to see. It’s a win/win! 

See JustGiving Shareables