Celebrating your Good News Success

June 1, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Celebrating your Good News Success

Your chance to win $2,000 for your charity

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There’s no doubt it’s been a tough start to the year for the fundraising industry. At the same time we’ve seen how amazing this sector truly is. Every day you are making a difference through your innovation, adaptability and creativity.
Blackbaud is proud to team up with Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) and the Fundraising Institute New Zealand (FINZ) to give you the opportunity to showcase your positive good news stories, fundraising campaigns, powerful appeals that have been making a positive impact in the world.

We want to shine a light on how fundraisers are bouncing back with a vengeance during these challenging times. It is your resilience that makes us proud to be part of this sector and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate your success.

We can all use the inspiration and positivity from your Good News Stories!


What's Up For Grabs?

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All submissions received will be featured on this dedicated ‘Celebrating your Good News Stories Hub’, that also enables us to share the amazing success stories of organisations and individuals across the sector.

We’re bringing together a panel of industry leaders to help us judge the winner/s for the best Good News Story.

Blackbaud will donate $2,000 to the winning entry. Plus, our judges will select two runner-ups, who will each receive $1,000 for their charity.

How to submit your Good News Story?

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We want to know the why, what and how of your amazing campaign. Fill out this simple form (300 words max) and tell us all about it. Alternatively, you can send us a simple home-made video about your campaign.

Here's what we'd like you to do:

  • Give us an overview of the ‘good news’ story or campaign (50 words)
  • Tell us what key challenge you faced and how you overcame it (100 words)
  • Show us how you achieved and measured the impact of your campaign (100 words)
  • Explain to us what you did differently (50 words)
  • To support your entry you may choose to provide us with a link to the campaign, your best visuals plus your logo to be included in our Good News Hub
  • All entries should be sent to info@blackbaud.com.au
  • All entries need to be submitted by COB Thursday July 2, 2020



Who can participate?

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It doesn't matter what size your organisation is, whether you're big or small, what matters most is the impact you’ve made, and the creativity and innovation you bring to the table. You also don't need to be a Blackbaud customer, or a member of FIA or FINZ, everyone can participate!


How will it be judged?

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We are searching for fundraising stories that highlights to us how your organisation has adapted during these challenging times. Submissions will be judged on three key areas:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Impact

We’ve lined up a great panel of judges: Katherine Raskob, CEO of Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA), Michelle Berriman, Executive Director of Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ), Kevin Sher, President/General Manager of Blackbaud Pacific, and Stephen Mally, Co-founder/Consultant of FundraisingForce.



  • Blackbaud, FIA or FINZ may contact you for clarification of your submission.
  • Blackbaud will publish all valid submissions on the Good News Stories Hub.
  • You may submit as many Good News Stories from your organisation as you wish.
  • This campaign may be withdrawn at any time and Blackbaud, FIA and FINZ who reserve the right to change these T&C’s at their sole discretion.
  • The organisation that has submitted the entry agrees to make themselves available to talk through the idea and tailor it for suitable delivery.
  • Blackbaud, FIA and FINZ may use your submission in their promotional material in the future.
  • Blackbaud, FIA and FINZ will make the final decision on winning entry.


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