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June 28, 2020 Eve Heidemann



Virtual Tour

The Red Cross Virtual Tour of Lake Taupo was quickly launched during those first few days of lockdown.  Participants could walk, run, or even garden towards the 71km goal. We wanted to help Kiwis stay fit during lockdown, while fundraising for our programmes that were classed as essential services. We even managed to get on Breakfast Live through my team’s personal contacts!


The first challenge was the effects of COVID-19 on my team, however as we are a remote team anyway we could collaborate on this very well during government restrictions. We had some challenges with the third-party platform as it was not built for fundraising, but they were open to feedback and made changes to help us make it more user-friendly.

Another issue we had is that we launched a Facebook event page to promote the launch, however the campaign could continue past this date, which made it a little confusing. Next time we would post organically to promote instead.


During Alert Level 4 and 3, with minimal advertising spend we had 244 people sign up, and have currently raised $9,000, and covered over 13,000kms. With people still signing up now, we are hoping to get to $10,000. We have now launched an international series of virtual tours including Antarctica and the Grand Canyon!

RCVT was featured on the Breeze radio show, Breakfast TV and various online media channels. When registering, the minimum donation was $25, but participants could opt to pay more with dollars handles of $50, $75 and $100. We had 13% of participants pay over $25.

We decided to really think outside the box and find something that had previously not been used as a fundraiser; but targeted to corporates previously. We chose a Kiwi landscape that participants found comforting during lockdown, as opposed to an international map that had been used on this platform overseas. 

Check out the New Zealand Red Cross Virtual Tour here.


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