Good News From Foundation Barossa

July 2, 2020 Lachlan Crawford



Increasing Awareness of Foundation Barossa

We have so many good news stories and wanted to find a way to emotionally connect with the community and create increased awareness for the work of the Foundation. We decided to do this with a short video highlighting the impact on some of the incredible people we work with.


We’ve invested and grown donations to create a long-term funding stream to support scholarships and programs for many years. We still do that.  But as our region has grown, so have we.  We’re working with our community to address other needs like homelessness, mental health and disability.  We needed to find a new compelling & engaging way to tell that story to attract the support and advocacy of the community as well as potential donors.  We funded the video with a ‘Small & Vital’ grant from FRRR.  The video was shared through eDM, on our website and via Facebook.


In the month since we have launched the video it has been over 2,900 times (a lot in a community of 25,000 people!).  It was shared 41 times on facebook by key groups and service providers, schools, other community groups and supporters.  To date we have received $9,000 donations directly due to people who have seen the video and wanted to support different areas of work we do.  We are seeing more applications for scholarships and have the Board have all received numerous calls to say the impact the video has had on different members of the community.

The quiet heroes in our community are some of the extraordinary recipients of our grants and scholarships.  We wanted to find a way for people to connect with their stories.  Putting a face to these stories has made the community connect with causes close to the heart and home.

See the video below:

Find out more about Foundation Barossa:


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