People's Choice Award - Cottage By The Sea, Queenscliff

June 11, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Feeding the Community

Our good news story relates to our switch of focus during COVID-19, when we transitioned from supporting children in need to helping our broader community. Since March, we have prepared and delivered 600 frozen meals each week to vulnerable people in our community.  


Our initial challenge was suspension of our children’s camp program. Each year, we welcome more than 1200 children who are disadvantaged and at-risk for reasons including family breakdown, domestic violence, trauma, poverty, cultural disadvantage or lack of educational opportunities.

The decision to provide food and care packs was based on an increase in vulnerable people in our community, many for the first time, and the desire to keep our staff employed. The greatest challenge has been funding the program, which began in March and is expected to be in demand for several more months. 


We have supported vulnerable people by providing 600 frozen meals each week. Using food donated through SecondBite and some purchased staples, food is prepared and frozen in compliance with CBTS Novel Coronavirus and Food Safety Policy. Meals are delivered twice a week by our staff.

We have retained three key staff members through implementation of this program, who would otherwise be unemployed.

We have maintained Cottage by the Sea’s reputation as an enduring part of the community. The program has resulted in an increase in regular donors, which will benefit children in need when our camp program resumes.

We adapted and acted quickly to make a difference in our own community. When it was apparent our camp program would be on hold indefinitely, we embraced a new way of helping. We have also used this time to engage online to support children and families in our long-term programs.

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