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June 23, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Local Giving for Local Health

We are launching a ‘Local Giving for Local Health’ campaign right across Victoria with all our regional Branches and Groups finding  specific pieces of equipment needed for Children’s wards in local hospitals or for local Maternal Health Nurses etc.


Our key challenges have been to encourage, excite and motivate our Branches and Groups to accept we can still make a difference during these difficult times by embracing new ways such as virtual fundraisers. We overcome this this by constant interaction with our volunteers showing them examples and statistics of how successful online virtual fundraising can be.


Although our campaign is still running we are ecstatic at the work our Volunteers have achieved successfully approaching their local health facilities and coming back with some very specific, much needed pieces of equipment for our campaign such as a paediatric cot, an infant thermometer, recliner chair for special care nursery, a vital signs monitor, a portable infant bath and an edible ice maker to keep children hydrated post surgery. This has managed to spark an enthusiasm again in our Volunteers and their local communities in what they thought were dire times.

What we have done differently is to have a specific item to fundraise towards so donors can see exactly what their donation is purchasing and to embrace virtual online fundraisers. In the past our fundraisers have been mostly face to face contact. Our branches and Groups are working on Local coupon /voucher books for purchase,  Online classes hosted by local experts, online gigs by local singers/bands, a virtual dinner party with themes and surprises, a virtual walkathon amongst locals, an online local Talent show with judges etc. We are most proud they are showing the ability to adapt!

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