Good News from The Wilderness Society

June 11, 2020 Eve Heidemann

5000+ Thank You and Anniversary Calls

When the streets became unsafe, our acquisition aces turned into retention rockstars (nearly) overnight. These persuasive personalities had thousands of inspiring conversations with our splendid supporters, swapping stories about our shared passion - nature.


When COVID-19 hit, TWS pulled our fabulous F2F fundraisers off the streets even before Australia went into lockdown. We'd been working on a secret plan for those boiling hot, freezing cold or unbreathable air quality days that are happening with ever-increasing frequency as the climate changes and we had to immediately accelerate our plans - to move the team to the phones. It was all hands on deck pulling together equipment, systems, data, processes, training and scripts and boy did they work with speed and passion to ensure that our fundraisers were ready to roll making thank you and anniversary calls.


We were aiming for positive, long term relationships with our supporters (measured as lifetime value) and a great experience for our fundraisers (measured as retention/turnover). The team had over 5,000 conversations with long term loyal supporters as well as at-risk regular givers, providing pastoral care as well as inspiring joy and excitement about our cause. It's early days to look at long term measures but initial signs are positive and the anecdotal feedback we received from both supporters and fundraisers has been extremely positive.

We've utilised best practice relationship fundraising and worked in a flexible (dare I say agile) way with a dedicated project team - I would say we've applied the same great principles that underpin our fundraising program in a different and speedier way!

Here's our rockstars training for their first calls:


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