Good News from Royal Flying Doctor Service Central Operations (SA&NT)

June 28, 2020 Eve Heidemann

A Night in Hollywood

Due to COVID-19 our annual RFDS ‘Wings for Life’ Gala Ball was cancelled resulting in a loss of fundraising revenue. We brainstormed ideas and hosted an Online Quiz Night utilising minimal cost/free technology, our media ambassador and raised $10,000 in one night from over 900 participants and our networks.


Our key challenge was to host the fundraising event virtually, that was engaging, had an incentive to play and a sense of connection. We overcame this with our online Quiz Night – ‘A Night in Hollywood’ – a Hollywood themed quiz, with a selection of questions that weren’t too difficult. Our purpose was clear – to enjoy time at home with family during the lockdown period. To help with initiative, we inspired competitiveness through our event marketing and arranged 3 fantastic prizes with help from our event sponsors. To promote connectedness we used a virtual & engaging mobile quiz platform (for the quiz), and a Zoom Webinar for presenting & chat. 


We employed untested technology, repurposed existing technologies, used our EDM list/social channels creatively, used the bare minimum of resources during a challenging time. Despite no tangible atmosphere, we digitised the human experience and created a competitive quiz night that people loved.

  • Via event registrations, we knew how many people to expect and adjusted our software subscriptions accordingly
  • We were able to see how many teams were ‘live’ in the Mentimeter software whilst 2 members of our team controlled the quiz and the chat windows
  • Participants were prompted to donate if they were enjoying the quiz, and we raised $10,000 
  • The chat window was full of praise, excitement and messages of thanks 
  • We tracked social media campaigns for ticket sales, and had a dedicated donation landing page
  • Our goal for the night was $5000 and as we hoped we’d have 500 people; we surpassed all goals and were pleasantly surprised!

The night after the event, Channel 7 news did a segment on their news  show (our Quizmaster/presenter is a news anchor):