Good News from Rotary Club of Preston

June 26, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Power in Partnerships

Preston Rotary supports the Reservoir Neighbourhood House (RNH) and Bridge Darebin (BD).
Both organisations were providing food relief in their communities, the need became next level almost overnight when COVID-19 began. Good news;  this collaboration enabled organisations to work together to support the local community.


When RNH opened their grocery giveaways, there were 150 people in need. But they didn't have the building space or staff to manage demand. Preston Rotary supported the first food relief with RNH during the first week of lockdown. They were able to source 200 meals within four days. The following week the program was increased to include people living at public housing in East Reservoir.

It became extremely difficult to source bulk food and keep social distancing measures whilst the need for more support kept growing. The organisation Bridge Darebin assisted through their bulk food store to support the program. Within a matter of days, donations had transformed the Darebin Neighbourhood House’s capacity to provide food relief.


Preston Rotary drove the “Donations in Kind” truck, to collect food from FareShare and Foodbank.
By the beginning of April both Neighbourhood Houses had distributed:
  • 4,040 FareShare two-person meals
  • 3,300 grocery bags (1,100 deliveries)
  • 2 pallets of fruit and veg and 2 pallets of dairy products
  • 400 hygiene packs
  • Supporting 13 welfare/community organisations to access between 20 – 80 meals each week for their communities.
Mid-May the meals were estimated at 1400 per week. So as the need for food relief grew, Preston Rotary continued to support the program.
Preston Rotary combined a host of organisations for the greater good. The difference was the impact on a greater number of people receiving greater support. This program worked because organisations realised that partnerships had more power than single entities.
Check out these great videos about the Preston Rotary’s COVID-19 Community Impact:


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