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June 4, 2020 Eve Heidemann


We ran our first online campaign, #YOUMATTER for YHMD, recording videos telling stories of young people in our crisis refuges. We had a 2.4k reach on Facebook posts (1000+ more than ever before). We sent the email campaign to 237 recipients (also a first). We had 16 different donors totalling $1342.                                                                                                                


Before COVID-19 hit, we had planned a couch surfing competition (surfing couches on Westfield rooftop) to engage young people and local communities, spark conversation and raise awareness. This included workshops to decorate the couches so that young people affected by homelessness could express themselves.

Then the pandemic started. We wanted to still have the same impact and ensure young people’s stories were told. We collected the stories of young people living in our crisis refuges, and asked youth workers, the CEO and local Mayor to read these stories on video with the message “You Matter”. We published these stories over 1 week, whilst encouraging comments/discussion, and donations.


We recently started building our brand on social media. We’ve invested heavily in fundraising, marketing and communications (e.g. my role is new and our new website goes live next week). It is incredible to see how far we’ve come in 6 months. From a reach of a few hundred, we now have a platform and a voice to generate discussion amongst thousands of people.

We ran a successful campaign online for the first time and raised over $1000. We had our best ever reach on social media - the highlight was poignant online comments from young people, challenging the homeless stereotype.

COVID-19 really made us change the way we work. This was our first online campaign. We put a “donate” button on the existing website. We recorded short videos. We engaged with local council/community groups. We invented a poignant hashtag. We told true stories, putting the donor/”you” at the centre. We sent Beth’s story to 237 email contacts (first time). 

Our cause has never been more important. We are so proud of what we have achieved, in spite of COVID-19.

Here's the #YOUMATTER campaign on Instagram:

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