Good News from Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa

June 3, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Online pop-up chats

Staying connected to our communities during Covid-19 became our priority to ensure that vulnerable people who rely on our services were able to access relevant information. We came up with an idea to create weekly online pop-up chats where we could have a different topic and a different presenter.                                                                                                               


Working from home in isolation from each other, coping with the demands of children at home, and the mental stress of the pandemic were challenging. However, our staff and Board members stayed connected through weekly ZOOM meetings, sharing our daily stories of new things we found to do, supporting each other’s mental wellbeing, and we all maintained a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Demand for our services spiked so we all worked harder to deliver our services.  We worked above and beyond our paid hours and happily volunteered any extra time we spent supporting the people we care about.

On-line pop up chats were something that we had never done before. These digitally-led projects enabled us to stay connected to the health care providers to continue their training, taught us the importance of always finding new ways to deliver our services and added a new dimension to our work.


From 21 April to 28 May we had 792 participants for our first 6 on-line pop up chats. We had originally thought we would run the chats during Covid-19 however the demand and the feedback to keep them going has been so overwhelming that we will continue these for the foreseeable future thus diversifying our portfolio of services.

Feedback Includes: “Jo is a real communicator with life experience and love for her people and for us to understand” – Virginia Harwood

“Thank you so much, essential learning for all of us. Would love to connect for more” - Tina Berryman Kamp