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June 30, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Virtual Tea Tea with Tracy

COVID-19 had a huge impact on all fundraising events, resulting in a new way of working when connecting with our supporters. We created Virtual online sessions, leveraging our Ambassador, Tracy Bevan to host.

Holding a High Tea event is characteristic of McGrath Foundation and resonates strongly with our supporters who hold similar events. This virtual offering was centred around two-way communication, to encourage authentic conversations on the impacts experienced, offerings of support and thanks, and a way to connect with each other during isolation. 

The sessions gave great insights into what our supporters were feeling and proved successful in supporter retention.


The unavoidable shut-down of gatherings and events resulted in the cancellation of most community fundraising events. As a result, in April the impact on revenue directly from fundraising events was down by 65%. Consequently, we also faced the inevitable disconnectedness from our supporters, which inspired the idea of the Virtual ‘Tea with Tracy’ sessions. These virtual sessions were syndicated across all our fundraising and donor database to ensure we had maximum reach. The sessions allowed us to have genuine conversations about future support, recognise the impact on the fundraising landscape and inspire through the sharing of ideas and stories. 


The impact of our Virtual Tea with Tracy saw over 45 communities, organisations and committees represented across all five sessions. These groups have over 2500 donor networks that directly support their fundraising initiatives. As a result, we generated interest from 44% of supporters that attended to join a new Facebook Group, to continue to connect with each other and grow the online community. This proved the need to continue to engage in similar virtual ways with our audiences outside of the COVID-19 crisis. One session alone, saw 90% of attendees commit to future fundraising initiatives to support our cause. 

Please see a link to one of our sessions 



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