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June 21, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Walk to Cambodia 

‘Walk to Cambodia’, HHA’s annual April fundraiser, raised over $13,000 despite facing their biggest barrier yet: COVID-19. HHA quickly pivoted a previously face-to face campaign to be entirely online. Collectively, participants are challenged to get fit and healthy, walking the distance from Australia to Cambodia while raising funds for education.


In an aim to create a greater sense of community and ultimately raise more funds, the key focus was around inperson organised social walks across Australia. In mid-March, we realised this was no longer an option as COVID-19 hit, so we quickly pivoted. We contacted Project EnKo, asking them to hold online Zumba classes for our participants. Once they said yes, we reached out to other fitness professionals who were willing to help! This enabled us to hold 28 free online fitness classes during April for our participants and was a selling point to get people registered for the Walk.


The goal of the campaign, pre-COVID-19, was to raise $10,000. We didn’t change the goal, as by offering value-add online fitness classes, targeted at those making the shift to working remotely, we were cautiously optimistic that we could recruit 100 participants.

The impact of the campaign was measured by:
• Number of participants in the campaign (120, increased from 33 the year prior)
• Number of individual donations to the campaign (over 250)
• Overall fundraising result ($13,024, increased by 163% the year prior)

These vital funds will provide a year of education to 108 children living in poverty.

Being a small charity, we were able to jump into action without having to go through various channels for approval. In just three days, we had secured fitness partners to launch these online classes, which resulted in an additional 80 people registering before the walk.

Read more about  Human & Hope's dedicated Walk to Cambodia landing page, or their dedicated Instagram account

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