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June 8, 2020 Eve Heidemann

Messages of Kindness

The key impact as a result of Coronavirus was that CPL’s clients living with a disability were no longer able to attend the services they receive in the community. This resulted in greater social isolation for clients and while loneliness can affect everyone, those that live with a disability are more likely to experience the negative impacts of social isolation. 

To combat this, CPL Fundraising engaged in a rapid response campaign with the primary objective to deliver 200 iPads with data into client’s homes while further re-engaging lapsed donors through donor care messaging.  

The primary call to action was to ask supporters to send in a message of kindness to CPL’s frontline employees who continued to deliver support to clients being a vulnerable community during the pandemic. 


The key challenge was that the new emerging need (to keep clients connected) and the future was unknown and a quick decision had to be made around the context of appropriate, supporter first messaging, timing and the audiences being engaged.

CPL further realised we didn’t hold a quick turnaround, cost-effective and high impact messaging capability that wasn’t already cluttered through overuse from charities. As such, video was engaged to develop raw, at home, on-point, organic and specific to the need footage, which shared messages on our changing circumstances on a frequent basis. 


  • CPL Fundraising secured the $200,000 in new funding needed! 
  • CPL received hundreds of messages from supporters to share with clients and our employees. A message of kindness for our employees was received from Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk endorsing the validity of the appeal. 
  • CPL deepened the relationships with grant funders as we shared our requirement to meet the new need.
  • Re-engaged 13,000+ data records that had previously become inactive.
  • Most importantly, brought some level of hope and happiness to clients and employees as they enjoyed the donor care messages shared.
  • CPL identified that many of our donors themselves were lonely being from an elderly demographic and as such increased calling contact and video messages readied to provide them with emergency relief support as required. 

We developed video content with a 48-hour turnaround in response to the changes created due to the pandemic. Donors demonstrated their openness to receive these messages as they in turn responded with kindness messages of their own. The supporter’s messages that flooded in were then shared with our employees and clients to bring hope and unity to our broader community.

The Fundraising team bravely adapted to the new need with a series of communications across all streams (corporate, individual and grant funding) with a focus on not asking for contributions but rather asking for kindness and inspiration with a return message.

See here the Rapid relief donor iPad appeal video:

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Plus a great article by CPL CEO Rhys Kennedy


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