How to Leverage Fitness Tracking and Achieve Fundraising Success

December 12, 2019 Eve Heidemann

It’s no secret that one of the keys to fundraising success is cultivating a highly-motivated supporter base. The more engaged your supporters are, the more likely they are to achieve and even exceed their fundraising targets. That’s why the growing popularity of fitness tracking apps, which enable participants to share every step of their journey with family and friends, offers a significant opportunity for nonprofits.

How fitness trackers are extending the fundraising journey

Traditionally, supporters taking part in run walk ride events and MCEs focused all their efforts and communications around what would be achieved on the day itself. Now, thanks to mobile apps like Strava and Map My Fitness and wearable tech like Fitbit, supporters are sharing an equally important phase of their fundraising campaign with their networks: their training. In this way, as they prepare for the main event, fundraisers are able to receive encouragement from family and friends and acknowledgement for each fitness milestone they reach, while at the same time promoting their connection to the cause and reminding those same networks to donate. It’s a simple but highly effective tool that more and more charities are benefiting from. In fact, on the Everydayhero platform alone, we’ve found that people who actively share their fitness activity in this way raise on average 57 per cent more than people who don’t. With statistics like that, it’s a trend that you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Three ways to leverage the fitness tracking trend

Fitness tracker integration is now a key feature for fundraising platforms and incorporating it into your future events is easy. Here’s how to get clued up on the trend.

Get familiar with the tech

If you don’t already use these apps yourself, it helps to know who the major players are and how they work. As well as smartphone apps Strava and MapMyFitness, Everydayhero now offers integration with market leader Fitbit. Strava and MapMyFitness are both smartphone apps which utilise GPS technology to allow users to track and analyse various aspects of their activity, from distance and speed travelled through to calories burned and continuous heart rate. Fitbit is a wearable device that tracks the number of steps you take each day, much like a pedometer, while also monitoring your heart rate and sleep patterns. Fitbit offers the most seamless integration for charities because it runs continuously in the background - once synced with your fundraising page it refreshes and updates the data every hour.

Tell your supporters about it

Encourage your supporters to get on the bandwagon by downloading one of the apps or linking their Fitbit or existing account to their campaign fundraising page. Integration with Everydayhero’s suite of fitness apps is available to all your supporters free of charge. As shown by this quote from Emily Dougan, former Community Fundraising Manager at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, encouraging supporters to link their account and leveraging quantified-self possibilities during event can really be a game changer in the industry:

“For Run Melbourne, we had quite a large fundraising team. We said in our communications that it would be a good idea for people to integrate MapMyFitness apps with their everydayhero page because it takes the donors along in the fundraiser’s journey towards the event. We had a lot of runners smash their targets. We broke the fundraising record for Run Melbourne — we have raised more than $275,000, which no charity has ever done before. Being able to offer this technology to the runners makes a difference.”

Additionally, if you want the global fitness goal and Fitbit integration displayed by default in your branded campaign, just ask our professional services team, they will activate it free of charge!

Make fitness tracking a key part of your campaign

Every step of your supporters’ training journey offers more opportunities to engage and fundraise, so actively remind them to post their training activity on their supporter page and be acknowledged for the hard yards they’re putting in behind the scenes. To learn more about Everydayhero’s new Fitbit integration and how to enable fitness tracking for your next event, contact us or ask your account manager for more info.

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