Jumping Rope & Kicking Fundraising Goals

December 8, 2016 Eve Heidemann

  • The partnership allowed both teams to share their areas of expertise
  • 3 key areas of focus - Boosting fundraiser activation, building an end-to-end branded solution & improving reporting
  • Custom microsites meant better visibility over fundraising results
  • Customised reporting solution provided real-time monitoring of key metrics & performance
  • A tailored communications plan increased online income, fundraiser activation & average raised per page
  • The campaign experienced significant growth across all key performance indicators over the past 3 years

The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart campaign is Australia’s most popular school based physical activity and fundraising program.

The Campaign Challenge

Prior to 2013, a decentralised program delivery meant that the campaign was resource intensive and costly, resulting in inconsistent servicing and fragmented communications across the program. As a result, the Heart Foundation undertook an internal review which resulted in the centralisation of the delivery of the Jump Rope for Heart campaign in 2014 and beyond with everydayhero as the fundraising platform.

The Event Optimisation Workshop allowed stakeholders from both parties to spend time working through the various stages of the Supporter Journey identifying potential issues and strategies along the way. Upon completion, there were 3 key areas of focus for optimisation in 2015 - Boosting fundraiser activation, providing an end-to-end branded solution and improving reporting for Heart Foundation Staff.

Boosting Fundraiser Activation

Through the Event Optimisation workshop, it quickly became apparent that schools were being relied upon to be the driving force behind fundraiser activation and it was ultimately producing a poor result each year. In order to boost fundraiser activation, it was determined that a tailored communications cycle had to be developed for each audience segment. By harnessing the data that everydayhero could provide through fundraiser accounts (which belong to the parents), the Heart Foundation was able to utilise the power of email to capture the attention of parents and ultimately, help their kids to fundraise more. The extensive communications plan was developed by running split tests to determine the best way to address each segment and incorporated communications throughout the entire duration of the school term spanning 10 weeks. This meant that by consistently and effectively coaching students (parents) on how to get the most out of their fundraising page, incredible results were achieved in 2015.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-42-00-am screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-42-04-am
  • Increased online income by 63% YoY
  • Grew % of Active Students online to 70%
  • Increased average raised per active page to $140
  • Average Open Rates – 48% across 10 weeks during term
  • Page Value increased on average $15 following opening of email
  • On average 7% of inactive supporters who opened an email converted to become active within 7 days

An End-to-End Branded Solution

Providing an end-to-end branded solution for both schools and students was an important consideration for the Heart Foundation. To allow each school to have it’s own dedicated landing page, essentially allowing them to function virtually as their own entity, more than 6,500 fully customised microsites were generated, one for each potential school in the program.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-42-30-am screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-42-24-am screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-42-19-am

This particular setup provided a number of benefits including:

  • A sales tool that Jump Rope Field Officers could use to assist with promoting the program to potential new schools
  • Provided a dedicated landing page that schools could share with their own community to showcase their involvement in Jump Rope
  • Demonstrated the collective impact a school was having on the cause, the Heart Foundation
  • Showcased top students fundraising within a particular school

Improved Reporting Solution

In order to adequately service the size and complexity of the Jump Rope for Heart campaign, a customised reporting solution was introduced to provide real-time monitoring of key metrics and overarching visibility of campaign performance, the ability to have data broken down in a school-by-school format and the ability to measure against donation revenue targets. In addition to the overarching campaign performance reporting, a number of specialised reports were designed including a Field Officer Reporting Tool and a Teacher’s Reporting Tool.

Key Results

Everydayhero and the Heart Foundation teams have been working hard to consistently discover areas to improve and developing new, innovative ways to achieve campaign success. The Jump Rope for Heart campaign has experienced significant growth across all key performance indicators over the past 3 years.

Partnership Advantages

Over the past 3 years of working alongside the Heart Foundation on the Jump Rope for Heart campaign, there were many advantages of the established partnership including effective and ongoing campaign analysis, nonprofit sector insights & expertise in the field (market leader), a highly engaged support team and dedicated Account Manager and shared accountability and understanding of goals, objectives and desired outcomes. It also meant an ongoing review and improvements made to the campaign in line with best practice and expertise collected by both teams.

Overall, the Jump Rope for Heart campaign continues to be a great success for The Heart Foundation, achieving its objectives while even exceeding expectations. A well planned and user-friendly fundraising campaign that incorporates peer-to-peer fundraising, donor acquisition and social media program is a vital part of an effective fundraiser acquisition strategy and is critical to achieving event-based revenue success.

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