The 5 Keys to Successful Christmas Fundraising in 2019

December 4, 2019 Brian Isaac

It's the season: Christmas fundraising is here!

But as we've discovered, fundraising around Christmastime isn't a simple task. There are hundreds of campaigns about to get up and do you cut through in such a crowded environment?

In addition to the planning and forethought, this calls for some killer tactics. You're in luck: we’ve done the research, studied the results, and compiled this guide to help get your Christmas campaign off to a flying start.

The 5 Keys to Successful Christmas Fundraising in 2019

1. Start now

Perhaps the most important point on this list.

To prevent your message from getting lost in the crowd, start now! The closer people get to Christmas the less headspace they have for anything other than the usual frantic Christmas planning and socialising, so make your move sooner rather than later.

Remember: your campaign doesn’t need to explicitly reference Christmas; rather, it just needs to appeal to people’s natural inclination to generosity as the festive season approaches.

2. Tap into existing festive traditions

Let the season itself do the heavy lifting by wrapping your campaign around consumer behaviours that are unique to the time of year.

British Heart Foundation did this to great effect with their Secret Santa Gift Guide campaign, which encouraged consumers to search their local BHF op shop for the perfect office Secret Santa gift.

Further, Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day happens every December and asks schools and workplaces to wear festive jumpers to raise money for their cause.

3. Expand beyond the obvious

Traditional mail is a common staple for Christmas appeals, but adding a digital component will help your campaign reach even more people.

Think about how your campaign might work on social media and explore ways to make it shareable - like the clever Sing for Your Heart campaign from Heart Research UK.

This was a social media campaign with a simple but effective mechanic: it invites people to Sing, Donate, and then Nominate a friend via social media in order to raise funds for children with congenital heart disease.

4. Have a clear ask

In a cluttered space, it pays to be direct.

Craft your message carefully and remember to tie it back to the impact your organisation has. Demonstrate the difference your donations will make in real, tangible terms.

5. Make donating simple.

Anything that requires a lot of effort or multiple steps won’t get traction.

If you’re asking people to make a donation, make the process as intuitive and straightforward as possible. If you haven’t already, add a Donate Now button to your website and digital comms and make sure your UX is seamless. If you’re hoping to recruit people to a fundraising initiative, make participation easy and low-effort.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can make your Christmas 2019 fundraising a smash!
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