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November 2, 2020 Lachlan Crawford

JustGiving® from Blackbaud® is the world’s leading social giving platform that empowers supporters to fundraise for your cause and grow support for your organisation. Jump in with our JustGiving® Basics Webinar Series.

Intro to JustGiving®

Find out more about the seamless donor and fundraiser journey as well as the limitless possibilities available with customisable options to suit your specific needs.

Discover how you can engage your supporters with mobile-friendly, socially integrated, and subscription-free fundraising tools that have helped raise billions for charities and schools around the world with programs including:

  • Virtual Events ​
  • Project-based fundraising
  • DIY fundraising
  • Giving days​​
  • Livestreaming

We'll also tell you how to leverage integrations with other Blackbaud services and take advantage of JustGiving®’s consumer engagement tools to drive greater adoption and new audiences.


JustGiving® Basics 1: Creating a Campaign

Learn how to set up your JustGiving® campaign.



JustGiving® Basics 2: Data and Reporting

Discover how to make the most of your JustGiving® fundraiser and donor data by running the reports you need at any time.

*Please note: payment reports are available fortnightly for Australia and New Zealand customers.



JustGiving® Basics 3: Fitness Tracking

Learn how to empower your supporters with their own fundraising fitness tracking tools.



JustGiving® Basics 4: Live Stream Fundraising

Learn how you can get enable supporters to fundraise using live streaming tools on JustGiving®.



More Resources

Ready to do even more with your fundraising? Check out our free Fundraising Strategy Training Series for customer success stories, fundraising strategy, and more!



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