▶ On-Demand Webinar: Jumbo Interactive - Making Lotteries Easy

February 11, 2021 Lachlan Crawford

Blackbaud Partner Ecosystem: Jumbo Interactive - Making Lotteries Easy

As a fundraiser, you need to stay in the know about fundraising innovation. But where do you turn for the right information, and how do you find the time to try new things?

We invite you to an exciting new webinar with Jumbo Interactive, specifically focusing on the power of using a digital lottery solution for your fundraising.

This session aims to provide participants with an overview of current trends across the nonprofit fundraising sector and will include information advantageous to organisations considering innovation in their fundraising initiative mix, with a specific focus on digital fundraising activities and leveraging lottery and raffles as a means to optimise supporter recruitment, engagement and organisational net income.

Additionally, the session will introduce and provide a high-level overview of the relevant solutions Jumbo provides nonprofit organisations across the APAC region.

Here's what to expect in this session:

  • Develop an understanding of the role and benefit of lottery activity in driving supporter growth and net income
  • Keep abreast of current giving trends and behaviours across the nonprofit sector
  • Learn more about Jumbo Interactive and the suite of solutions available for Australian nonprofit organisations

Speaker Bio:

Blackbaud Gradient

Michael Driver

Michael Driver
Head of Business Development
Jumbo Interactive

Michael is passionate about helping good causes enhance impact; and leverages his 15+ years’ experience across consumer goods, technology and the lottery sector, to support nonprofit fundraising organisations with digital lottery solutions. In his capacity as Head of Business Development, Michael is responsible for leading the creation of partnerships across Jumbo’s products and services suite; working with organisations across Australia, the United Kingdom and North America.

Michael is the proud father to Alexander and Isabella, lives in Brisbane; and enjoys escaping to the beach for a swim or surf whenever time permits. Michael holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Queensland.


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