GEMS and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT – A Grant-Seeker’s Match Made in Heaven

June 23, 2021 Eve Heidemann

Strategic Grants’ unique Grants Expertise Management System (GEMS) now fully integrates with Raiser’s Edge NXT – meaning it’s never been easier to sync your organisation’s personal funder and grants information from your grants calendar into RE NXT.

In just three simple clicks, you can add funder and grant details to existing Constituent and Opportunity Records or create a new one. Whenever the information against those records is updated in GEMS, it is automatically updated in the RE NXT records.

Not familiar with GEMS? GEMS is the only online end to end grants management platform and ensures that all grant opportunities from funders in Australia and New Zealand are at your fingertips.

Backed by a research team that works over 80 hours a week to ensure the database is up to date and customised to your organisation’s needs, it also allows for effortless application tracking and reporting.

Watch our short videos to learn more, and see how GEMS can kickstart your grants success:

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