Effortless Donations in One Touch: Apple Pay Now Available

July 20, 2020 Brian Isaac

More than 1.4 billion Apple devices are currently in use by 1 billion people worldwide.

That's billion. With a b.

And one of the reasons the company’s Apple Pay mobile wallet is on pace to account for up to 10% of all global card transactions.

But it's not limited in-store transactions or purchases. The benefits of using Apple Pay are integrated into participating apps, websites...and now Blackbaud!

With Blackbaud Merchant Services™ (BBMS), you get the benefits of streamlining your organisation’s financial transaction management, so you can focus more of your valuable time and energy on your mission.

Now we’re excited to announce an even simpler, more seamless, and more secure way your supporters using Apple devices can contribute to your cause.

Introducing Apple Pay for Checkout 

Apple Pay is here! Your organisation can now accept donations and payments in a single touch with Apple Pay when you use Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) to process one-time credit card donations in AUD and NZD.

Apple Pay allows your supporters a simple and secure way to donate with the devices they use every day, without having to enter as much information on the donation form. This is because data such as their credit card number and billing address are already stored in their Apple Pay wallet.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Pay for Blackbaud Merchant Services.

Effortless Donations

Simplify the payment experience by reducing the information required for constituents to give. 

Increased Supporter Conversions

Minimise donation form abandonment and allow supporters to pay from an email on their iPhone®. 

Enhanced Donation Security

Donations are now more secure with biometric cardholder verification. 


Start using Apple Pay today

Getting started with Apple Pay is simple. If you’re using BBMS in Australia or New Zealand, Apple Pay is ready for you! 

Already hosted with Blackbaud?
You don't need to do anything. Apple Pay will simply now become automatically available as a digital payment option on your Checkout page when being accessed by an Apple device. 

There’s just a single step to get started! Click here to contact us now and we’ll help you get set up.



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