šŸ”ø Ports of Auckland Round the Bays [Planned]

November 9, 2019 Brian Isaac

  • Event Date: 8 March 2020
  • Registrations: Open
  • Fundraising: Open

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Fundraising Website


Event Profile

Ports of Auckland Round the Bays isn’t your average fun run - it’s New Zealand’s largest! Boasting over 29,000 participants each year and growing, the Auckland course follows the city’s picturesque coastline. Help your supporters run for a reason: this year's target is over $180,000 for all charities involved, so register now for this spectacular fundraising opportunity. 


Asking your supporters to compete for you

It’s easy to make the most of the event opportunity. It all begins with asking your supporters to take part and support you by giving their effort and time. Make sure you ask:

  • Past supporters who have run, walked, ridden or swam for you previously
  • Both your one-off and regular donors, by offering them another way they can support you with their effort
  • Your volunteers
  • Your charity’s staff


TOP TIP: If you are a non-featured charity we recommend acquiring fundraisers before they have registered for the event to ensure that they choose your charity to fundraise for. To help activate your supporters you can request a unique start fundraising charity URL from our Customer Success Team which preselects your charity for your supporters. You can then send this out to your supporter database via email. Just ensure you remind them to register for the actual event!

Setting up a charity team

Setting up a fundraising team is a great way to build a sense of community for all your supporters in the event. Once you’ve created your charity team, make sure you invite anyone supporting you in the event to join. Need help setting up a team page? Download our helpful guide here.


Don’t forget to use your data to grow your fundraising results in 2020!

Fundraiser and Donor Reports can be found under the Reports Tab when you are logged in to your Charity Profile.

Data Tips:

  • If you are short on time, download your Fundraiser Report and identify those who have set their fundraising goal higher than the default. Reach out to these potential star fundraisers and ask how you can assist them with their fundraising efforts.
  • To help with fundraiser acquisition make sure you email your past fundraisers as well as their peer donors who have opted-in to hearing more from your organisation. This data can be found in your Donor Report.
  • Don’t forget to thank all your fundraisers post-event. This small but significant gesture will help cultivate stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

Everydayhero Fundraiser Communications

All fundraisers will receive the following communications journey which has been designed to boost activation and fundraising outcomes. The content is focussed on fundraiser coaching, updates, and event information and is sent by us on behalf of the event organiser.

In order to give your fundraisers, the best possible event experience, we recommend keeping the following journey in mind when contacting your fundraisers.

Behavioural On-boarding
Fundraisers will receive 3 emails in the first 7 days after their fundraising page has been created prompting them to customise and engage with their page. Our research shows that fundraisers who are engaged with their page and share it regularly raise significantly more funds overall.

Event Lead In & Post Event

In the lead up to the event, fundraisers will receive email and SMS communications updating them on their fundraising progress along with helpful tips and advice on how to raise more for your cause. Please keep the below send dates in mind when planning your communications:

Fundraisers will receive the following recognition emails when they reach a certain percentage of their fundraising goal. These emails are designed to acknowledge and thank fundraisers for their hard work so they are incentivised to continue their fundraising efforts:

  • 25% of fundraising goal
  • 50% of fundraising goal
  • 75% of fundraising goal
  • 100% of fundraising goal
  • First donation
  • $500 raised
  • $1,000 raised
  • $3,000 raised
  • 10km logged

Charity Branded Communications
If you would like to include your brand in the above communications program you also have the option to purchase a Charity Branded Communications program for the event.

We still encourage you to follow our Major Community Event Fundraising guide below to make the most of this great fundraising opportunity. By communicating directly with your supporters, you are better able to develop your supporter relations and improve retention rates for future fundraising events.


Supporter engagement

We recommend that you engage with your supporters by encouraging and thanking them for fundraising for your charity as part of their participation in the event. If you need help with your supporter engagement, we have a dedicated Professional Services Team full of digital fundraising experts ready to help!

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