Retaining Regular Givers & Improving Appeals During COVID-19 - Webinar On-Demand

April 2, 2020 Eve Heidemann

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Blackbaud are pleased to team up with data scientist Dr. Tim Paris from Dataro to share insights into the effect of economic downturns on regular giving and to discuss what steps charities can take to retain regular givers and improve appeal performance during this unprecedented time.

For this webinar, Tim has examined aggregated regular giving data back as far as the global financial crisis and will share:

  • Analysis into the effect of previous economic downturns on regular giving, and trends that have emerged since then;
  • Insights into the effect of COVID-19 on giving in Australia so far;
  • Strategies for using machine learning to identify and save ‘at risk’ regular givers; and
  • Other ways charities can use their data assets to improve appeal performance during difficult financial times, including list selections for emergency appeals and tax appeals.

Dataro is a Blackbaud Certified Technology Partner.

Note: Those who register will also receive a complimentary copy of Blackbaud & Dataro’s Tax Appeal Guide: ‘Using Machine Learning to Maximise Giving in your Tax or Emergency Appeal’.

Watch it on-demand


Speaker information:

Tim is an experienced data scientist with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and is a leader in machine learning applications for nonprofits. He is also the co-founder and CEO of data science-as-a-service platform Dataro, providing specialist propensity modelling services and predictive analytics for leading Australian nonprofits.

Before launching Dataro in 2017, Tim ran his own data science consultancy where he discovered that many organisations faced similar marketing-related challenges that could be solved through tools such as churn modelling, advanced segmentation and next-best-action predictions. These lessons led to the development of Dataro’s unique fundraising solution.

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