Real-Time Fundraising Data for Healthcare: Why It Matters and How to Track It

August 12, 2020 Brian Isaac

In healthcare, giving is everything.

The physicians, doctors, employees, and foundations affiliated at healthcare facilities give their time, their skills, and most importantly, their personal attention and care to patients who need it.

Just as impactful are the financial gifts given back by donors who want to help your facility continue to operate at a high level.

And with the millions of dollars given each year, it’s crucial to have in place a system of insights to which you can turn to see what’s happening at your organisation, how to grow even further, and how to help more people.

Often, ongoing fundraising programs can lead to inconsistent data, a variety of fields used for the same purpose, but on different programs, endless spreadsheets, and countless hours of wasted time.

So let’s talk about why accurate, real-time fundraising data matters for healthcare organisations, and the specific tactics you can use to advance your mission.

Why real-time insights matter for healthcare

Only when your team has clear insight into your fundraising program data, you can get the best understanding of how your grateful patients, volunteers, employees, and community members are giving.

Here are four specific real-time fundraising insights strategies, and how you can leverage them to encourage growth within your organisation:


Get a historic view into which actions your supporters are taking

Make sure you have a CRM that supports real-time insights. When you see your donors' behaviour in real-time, this not only gives you a view into what’s happening now, but you can also use it to reference a historic view into each donor’s lifetime giving data.

This data can help you understand the natural flow from a donor’s first interaction and how each subsequent action can lead to key behaviours down the track.


Build your team into a better support crew

When you’re working with a support team, it’s easy to mix up tickets, confuse who’s responsible for what, and lose track of who’s been served already.

Take and manage detailed notes on each supporter interaction. This way, you’ll always know who’s been served and where you’re at with each patient and project.


See your donors’ detailed giving behaviour

While it’s great to see the numbers pop up on a screen and data served up in a shiny report, it’s sometimes even better to see a heat map or recording of your donor behaviour. This gives you the power to make decisions based on how your users are actually using your website to give.

You can connect heat maps to your website to see a map or recording of how each donor used the website, where they clicked, and ultimately where their attention went during the donation process.


Better demonstrate your organisation’s impact

Impact measurement is critical to not only provide governmental and funding entities transparency into how your organisational mission is making an impact, but it’s also useful for the broader community.

Demonstrate your impact using easily-understandable graphs and charts. Show your community the difference you’ve made using numbers, and always remember to convey your mission: it’s the reason why people support your cause.


Are you already using the above steps for your organisation?


The team at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation are tracking their insights: here’s what they’ve learned

For many years, the RBWH Foundation has worked in the community to raise funds for the hospital while also managing many other operations: clinical trials; patient entertainment systems, and other auxiliary needs within the hospital.

Being a large organisation, donors come into contact with many people within the RBWH Foundation. Under the old, decentralised system, data was difficult both to log and to track.

RBWH Foundation has learned that, because every donor is unique, it’s vital for their team to have the ability to pull up key data, notes from points of contact, and any other information to each specific person.

With Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®, each donor journey is readily available – with lifetime giving data, notes from each interaction, and when their last action was taken.

Now there are thousands of data points guiding conversations and actions that simply were not available in the prior system.


“Having a system that underpins the work that we are doing day to day and can help us grow and fulfil our aspiration of being the leading hospital in the country was absolutely fundamental.”

— Simone Garske, CEO, RBWH Foundation

Read our Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Customer Spotlight for the full story.

Take your healthcare organisation to new heights

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Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT is our cloud-based fundraising and relationship management solution, designed with your organisation’s needs in mind. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and scalable to provide great value for any budget.

Join Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation and other healthcare organisations. Find out how we can help drive impact, engage patients and supporters, and leverage new fundraising channels.

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