Why you need a multi-channel approach to fundraising

July 26, 2016 Blackbaud Pacific

The Fundamentals of Multi-channel Fundraising
Presented by Derrick Brown
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July is the best time to set up a regular gift to charity. At the start of a new financial year, you’re benefiting the charity by helping set budget, and yourself, by maximising your tax deductions.

I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the best ways to give to charity – a popular topic around this time of year. The writer was hesitant about the face-to-face approach, arguing her side of the most effective ways for charities to fundraise and individuals to give.

Her conclusion: straight to the source, self-researched is the way to go. Someone knocking on her door, pitching a mission, isn’t going to make her sign up as a regular giver.

But I disagree. It is not entirely ineffective, not at all.

Some 200,000 Australians make regular donations to charity as a result of face-to-face fundraising. According to the Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA), more than $1 million is raised each year. And for those who don’t, a knock on the door, a conversation, and a polite decline is just one touchpoint in a larger supporter journey.

Rob Edwards, FIA chief executive, is correct when he says “the fact is most people don’t wake up thinking they’ll give to charity today.”

This, combined with a multi-channel approach to fundraising, is the key to attracting regular givers.

We can’t abandon traditional fundraising methods, but the overwhelming evidence shows the best way to secure month-on-month donations – with higher values – is to create multiple channels of contact.

For example, a potential donor has contact with your organisation in the street, they receive your direct mail pieces via an email sign up, in their social feed they see a friend has shared their donation, and so then, they donate via your website.

Did you know multi-channel communication targeted to offline direct response donors can yield an increase in retention rate of 7% or more? And it works in the reverse – by targeting multi-channel fundraising to online donors, offline donations can increase by 10%.

Make every contact matter; whether from social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, email marketing, direct mail or face-to-face fundraising, you need an integrated approach to achieve your fundraising goals.

Want to tell your organisation’s story through a multi-channel fundraising approach? View this free 30 minute on-demand, thought leadership webinar led by senior fundraising consultant Derrick Brown. View webinar here >

Your control over your multi-channel fundraising efforts allows you to leverage data from both offline and online campaigns – and drive greater results into your initiatives.

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