New Year, New Opportunities. Welcome to 2021 ✨

January 8, 2021 Brian Isaac

Considering the unexpected changes 2020 introduced, we recognise how difficult the past year has been and want you to know we're here to support you. We've learnt a lot in the past 12 months, and look forward to using this knowledge to better serve you and the entire sector in 2021.

We're so excited to introduce many very exciting new initiatives this year...

Some will give you actionable tips to apply to your fundraising right away.

Others will provide an aerial view of how far fundraising's come in the past decade and where it might land in 2030.

And others still will help you learn skills that transcend fundraising and work, like wellbeing, productivity, and caring for those in your circle.

Join us as we rethink the possibilities of social change. We can't wait to help you become the best fundraiser possible. Let's go!

Here's what's coming up this year...

Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving
Free, fast, for-everyone fundraising is here! Grow your following and raise more money with the world's leading social giving platform, now available in Australia and New Zealand.

The Future of Fundraising in the Digital Age: 10-Year Lessons and Predictions for 2030
An inside look at what our region's nonprofit fundraising experts have learned from the past decade and what they predict for the next 10 years.

New interactive virtual sessions
Exclusive webinars, user groups and training sessions to help you become a better, more efficient, and more engaging fundraiser and relationship builder with the tools you use every day.

All-new content for everyone on your team
Brand new articles, videos, success stories, and more. We're going in-depth on step-by-step approaches to peer-to-peer and virtual fundraising, grantmaking, financial management...the list goes on!

Catch up on our most popular content from 2020

3 Top Fundraising Tips for 2021, Explained in 2 Minutes
Do you have your fundraising strategy in place for 2021? Learn the most effective nonprofit fundraising tips we've seen over the past twelve months.


Fundraising is Harder Than Ever...But Hope is On the Way
Every fundraiser in the world has felt the effect of COVID-19 this year. Review these practical steps you can use to overcome hardship with confidence.


How to Get Your Nonprofit Organisation Ready for a Post-COVID World
Watch for these early trends, opportunities, and threats as we walk together into a post-COVID-19 fundraising world.


[Webinar] Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving
Watch on-demand: learn to engage your supporters with our newest fundraising tool that's helped raise billions for nonprofits.


We wish you a safe, healthy, and prosperous start to your 2021!

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