Want to change the world? Find out how we can help with Paul Green, our Professional Services Director

July 12, 2018 Blackbaud Pacific

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For every hero, there’s a hidden partner behind the scenes working hard to ensure the mission is a success.

For James Bond, it’s MI5’s inventive gadget-maker, Q.

For Batman, it’s his long-time butler and confidant, Alfred.

For Iron Man, it’s the industrious and straight-shooting Pepper Potts.

And for world-changers like you, there’s a partner committed to ensuring you are fully equipped and enabled to do what you do best.

It’s the Blackbaud Pacific Professional Services team.

One of the greatest joys of my role as Director of this incredibly talented team is seeing organisations like yours creating significant social change with our support.

Whether you’re providing aid to those in need at home and abroad, caring for animals and the natural world, educating the next generation of leaders, or something else, we’re here to ensure you succeed in your mission.

Blackbaud and you – a dynamic duo

I wish I could be a superhero.

But long ago I realised not everyone was made for fighting on the front lines. And the truth is, sometimes the work done in the background can be just as important.

That’s why today, I’m excited to oversee a team who are committed to growing your cause and increasing your impact.

We do that in two main ways.

1. Guidance and implementation

If you’re just getting started with Blackbaud Pacific, then the Professional Services team is here to help you find the best pathway forward. Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Guidance to help you choose the right software solutions for your specific goals and outcomes
  • Advice and wisdom from years of experience to reduce your risk and ensure you make a sound investment
  • Practical assistance and training to install your software and ensure it is optimised for your needs
  • Help for you and your executive team to manage change as you implement new systems and processes for the future.

2. Maximising your investment

Once you’ve chosen the right software and services for your organisation, we’ll work alongside you to make the most of your investment so you can achieve your goals and fulfill your mission. We do that in a number of ways, including:

  • Sharing our broad spectrum of best-practice knowledge and experience from working with some of the largest NFPs in the Australia-Pacific region
  • Helping you anticipate risks on projects by knowing where things may go wrong, putting avoidance strategies in place, and ensuring smooth transitions between systems
  • Providing ongoing tailored recommendations to leverage the investment you’ve made and increase the effectiveness of your technology solutions
  • Recommending strategies and practices that will reduce your ongoing expenses and increase your return on investment, so you can keep doing more with what you’ve got.

What’s the most important goal for your mission today?

Are you seeking to grow your donor base? Do you want to increase the lifetime value of individual donors? Or are you simply hoping to reach more people with your message?

No matter what your goals are today – or tomorrow – we’ll help you achieve them, while always keeping one eye on the future.

Because in today’s ever-changing environment, we want to help modern charities and socially minded organisations remain nimble, agile and adaptable.

So whether you’re just at the beginning of your journey or have been partnering with Blackbaud for many years, my promise to you is that our team will help your organisation become faster and leaner, so you can achieve your outcomes as soon as possible with as little risk as possible.

You’re the heroes. We’re just here to make your job a little easier


About the Author
Paul Green


Paul has over 25 years of experience delivering successful technology based solutions addressing some of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Paul focuses on project outcomes, helping his clients ensure that the benefits of their project investment are realised and guiding and coaching the professional services team to deliver exceptional service.

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