The Ultimate Nonprofit Payment Solution is the True “Paypal for Charities”

December 2, 2020 Brian Isaac

Everything you need to know to boost donations 

Running an effective organisation involves ensuring your systems are efficient, especially when it comes to giving.

When people think about receiving payments, many see Paypal as a solution. But are Paypal accounts the right choice for a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission?

In this guide, we'll dive into why your organisation should reconsider Paypal in favour of a solution that's been built for nonprofits from the ground up, since day 1.

Setting up your organisation for success 

For nonprofit payment processing, we recommend Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) over Paypal. As part of our Ecosystem of Good®, it simplifies the payment process by helping nonprofit organisations improve efficiency, enhance fundraising, and maintain compliance.

This ensures Blackbaud customers can save time and money, allowing them the ability to spend more of both on their mission.

Signing up

Blackbaud customers can easily sign up for a BBMS account online.

By completing the Account Setup Checklist before beginning, you'll be able to expedite the process of getting started.

Registering for a Charity Account

When we say integrated, we mean it.

If you're using Blackbaud eTapestry®, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®, Raiser’s Edge, or Blackbaud CRM to advance your mission, BBMS is integrated by default and will be a selection for you when you choose your payment gateway.

After you've set up BBMS with your existing solutions, you'll also have the ability to connect it to non-Blackbaud web pages and applications to process credit and debit cards and digital wallet remittance.

What does this result in?

A simpler, efficient process for you, your team, and your supporters.

Understanding Nonprofit Fees 

With BBMS, you pay flat fees on donations made: one flat rate on every transaction. This means you don't have to sacrifice extraneous supporter funds and your organisation's profits based on how much your donors choose to give.

Here's the breakdown of our fees vs other providers:


Enabling Charitable Organisations to do Their Best Work

With our solution, New Zealand and Australian charities have access to similar tools as you would using a Paypal account, or the more specialised Paypal Giving Fund.

Paypal Giving Fund Australia can be powerful for startups, small businesses, and independent consultants, but does it really benefit your charity by redirecting your supporters to a third-party provider every time they want to make a donation?

When you rely on a third-party system like a PayPal business account to handle your most important assets, you're likely overcomplicating the process for your team and your supporters.

This can take the form of having to read through lengthy PCI compliance verification, managing complex bank reconciliations, not having all of your data connected, and confusion stemming from simply involving multiple vendors in the donation workflow.

Not to mention, Paypal is known for extraordinary fees on chargebacks. And unlike Paypal, we manage the chargebacks for you so you don't have to endure the headache.

It's a much smoother experience for your supporters (and your team) when you have a truly integrated, end-to-end solution: one location for your data, one company to call, one system to manage.

It's like a "virtual donate button"

Integrating BBMS into your tool stack is simple.

As soon as you select BBMS as your payment processor, it's like placing a virtual "donate button" directly on your site. Your supporters will not even know it's there: exactly the type of seamless experience you need for the personal experience of giving to charity.

Using different card types and mobile wallets

To help you receive funds, BBMS accepts virtually any card type, and there are no hidden fees.

That means no separate fees for cards including American Express, and no international transaction fees.

Here's the breakdown of the different cards accepted through BBMS:

By the end of 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide.

The latest addition to our digital wallet acceptance in Australia and New Zealand is Apple Pay, an even simpler, more seamless, and more secure way your supporters using Apple devices can contribute to your cause.

With Apple Pay integration, your organisation can now accept donations in a single touch when you use our service to process one-time credit card donations in AUD and NZD.

Apple Pay allows your supporters an easy and secure way to donate with the devices they use every day, without having to enter as much information on the donation form. This is because data such as their credit card number and billing address may already be stored in their Apple Pay wallet.

Here’s everything you need to know about how Apple Pay will make your job easier:

Effortless Donations

Simplify the payment experience by reducing the details required for constituents to give.

Increased Supporter Conversions

Minimise donation form abandonment on your website and allow supporters to pay from an email on their iPhone. We also support multiple currencies, allowing a donor from anywhere in the world to help your organisation make a difference.

Enhanced Donation Security

Donations are now more secure with biometric cardholder verification.


Examples of use 

Listen to Cynthia Nair, membership system specialist at The Nature Conservancy, share how Blackbaud solutions have boosted the organization’s sustained giving program. Cynthia believes that with the continued help of Blackbaud Merchant Services™, The Nature Conservancy will retain more sustainers in the future.


Start using Blackbaud Merchant Services today 

Built by experts and specifically designed for the social good community, our integrated solution helps you enhance fundraising, improve efficiency, and protect your most valuable asset: your supporters.

See how we can help. Contact us today for more information.

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