Team Spotlight – Bryan Ovington

April 16, 2018 Blackbaud Pacific

Up, Close and Personal with Bryan Ovington

Bryan and Diem

Bryan Ovington started his career back in Telco land 11 years ago working at AAPT, in the ecommerce department. His role included taking electronic documents and translating these for other commercial entities.

In 2007 he had the good fortune of being introduced to the Blackbaud family through his wife Diem Ovington who has been with Blackbaud for over 20 years.  Starting his career in the Customer Support team working initially with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge solutions, after a few months into the job, he moved on to become a senior technical consultant focused on large data migration projects (aka data conversion projects) working for some of our largest enterprise clients.

I had pleasure in sitting down with Bryan Ovington last week and captured some really cool stuff from what makes him tick to where his passions lie.  You won’t be disappointed as I take you on the journey and and go up, close and personal with one of our Professional Services team’s veteran consultants and find out a little more about Bryan Ovington.  So please read on……

You have been with Blackbaud over 10 years now, what are the top three things you love about working here?

What does Bryan love about working at Blackbaud?

First and foremost, it comes down to the customers I work with every day.  I get a tremendous kick out of making my customers successful and enabling them to succeed at their missions.  My objective is to help them work as efficiently as possible, and once I know they have achieved this, I walk away feeling content of this accomplishment.

The second one is the team.  The people I work with every day in the Blackbaud CRM enterprise team.  It’s important to understand each other, our team’s weaknesses and our strengths, so we are better able to identify the gaps and help harness the strengths of individual team members. This is ultimately what makes us successful as a team.   For me it’s also about being as efficient as possible and utilising our team’s hours to their full potential.

Thirdly, and more at the personal level I guess, is working with my wife of 21 years, Diem Ovington.  We have a mutual respect for what each of us does and the roles we have at Blackbaud, and it’s always been a two-way street for both us.  We both work hard to try and understand each other’s challenges and it is great to be able to share the successes as well as the ups and downs of our everyday working lives.

What value do you believe you bring to the table for your enterprise customers?

For me it boils down to respect…. I carry such a high level of respect for what I do particularly the critical information and data that I handle each and every day for my customers.

I feel honoured knowing that large enterprise customers are putting their data into my safe hands – the lifeblood of their organisation.   It’s the respect I have for their data and in turn the trust that is instilled back through to me by my customers.  I have to say, it doesn’t always come easy, and it’s something you must build over time.

For instance, in the initial phase as the customer starts working with you, you need to gradually build their trust and work closely together to provide feedback as you navigate through key checks and balances – this is how you build mutual respects.

I take my job very seriously and do sometimes feel the heavy weight on my shoulders for ensuring the best possible outcomes for the future and for my customers – especially for their data.

I also believe I add tremendous value in my ability to be able to translate technical ideas into more abstract terms so that my customers can easily understand it in layman’s terms.  This kind of expertise is something that takes many years to build – but each project that I complete just gives me a little more confidence, expertise and efficiency.

I enjoy taking newcomers under my wing and helping them build their knowledge and expertise – I truly believe that there is nothing stronger than ‘tribal knowledge’ and this gives the team the power to succeed.

Something weird and wonderful about you that no-one really knows about you?

I had to have a good think about this one 😊 and there are a few…. As a country boy from the town of Wagga and while completing university I took a job as a labourer at an abattoir, a meat processing plant, where my mum was also working.  I worked between 1994 to 1997 mainly through the university holidays to help support my education and pay the fees, and eventually ended up joining the management team of the abattoir because of my unemployment when I finished university.

But then… two things happened that really changed my life – First thing was I moved to Sydney, so I could be closer to my Diem and secondly, I wanted to get into the IT industry, so I needed to make the move to the ‘big smoke’ which is exactly what I did and I have never looked back!

What is the one thing that you would like everyone to know about you – either work related or personal?

As a technical consultant people probably tend to see me as a ‘right side of the brain’ kind of person.

But what people don’t know about me is that I have a passion for ‘miniature painting’ and have entered numerous competitions and even won a few.  So that’s my left side of the brain working – I can call myself a bit of an artistic and creative person and I love doing miniature painting.

What do you love doing outside of work?

ALL THINGS GAMING – gaming in general, computer games, board games – Monopoly, Scrabble you name it, I am there!!

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