Insights for an Impactful 2020

January 15, 2020 Eve Heidemann

As we leave an old decade behind and start a new one, there are some great fundraising insights we created for you last year that will continue to stay relevant  as we kick off 2020.  Here are the top 3 favourite insights from 2019 that we believe will continue to help fundraisers into the new decade.

1. It’s all about data data data

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation, so the importance of good, clean supporter data cannot be overemphasized. Having a 360-degree view of your supporters and harnessing the power of data can grow your fundraising efforts. 
In this insightful paper  How Good Data Builds Great Organisations, Gregory Dallas, Blackbaud’s CRM Practice Manager, reinforces the benefits of managing your data well, the best way to grow your data maturity, and increasing your impact through effective data management.

It’s important that you continue to keep your CRM up to date with relevant and current data, especially when using multiple systems. Our State of Integration Report provides thoughtful insights into how to integrate these systems into one source of truth, coupled with the benefits associated with doing this. 

2. The power of our partner ecosystems

The saying that ‘two heads are better than one’ rings true in many cases. At Blackbaud we really embrace the power of partnerships and have built a solid Ecosystem of Good™ that may be leveraged across the nonprofit sector. It's rewarding to see how these partnerships have generated impactful, functional and creative solutions. 
In our Partner Ecosystem Webinar Series, you’ll meet some of our amazing partners whose state-of-the-art technologies have integrated with our Blackbaud solutions to help power your mission well into the future. 

3. A winning Board pitch

Pitching to the Board can be daunting, and most people haven’t been trained in how to deliver a proper Board pitch. It’s an important skill to have, especially when you’re pitching for an investment as important as a CRM solution. We’re proud to partner with FIA, and gained valuable knowledge from within the sector about experiences, best practices and tips. From finding Board champions for your critical project, to delivering the most relevant pitch for your mission, this paper aims to provide you with all ammunition you may need in Preparing Your Board for a CRM Investment.
We’re excited to see what this new decade has in store . We can’t wait to continue bring to our clients the best knowledge and insights we have to offer!  Stay tuned. 
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