How to motivate your Facebook followers to take action

May 21, 2018 Blackbaud Pacific

How to motivate your Facebook followers to take action

We’ve all seen it before.

The Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers … but for some reason, individual posts get little or no response.

Or the new social cause everyone’s raving about … but not many followers are willing to pull out their wallets and actually make a donation.

If that sounds like your not-for-profit’s Facebook page, don’t despair.

In this article, we’ll explore three key ways to engage your Facebook audience and get them advocating, sharing, and giving more than ever before.

And the best part is, the tips in this article are all based on Facebook’s very own best practice guidelines for nonprofits, so you know they’re founded on solid research and the experience of thousands of users.

So, as you prepare your Facebook outreach for this year’s tax appeal or year-end appeal, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Be direct and ask, ask, ask

Have you ever posted a number of updates on Facebook about an important issue and wondered why no one has responded?

It could be because you haven’t asked directly enough.

While it’s great to build awareness about your cause or campaign, there comes a time when the right thing to do is cut to the chase. Tell people straight up what you want them to do.

According to Facebook, this kind of ‘straight-shooting’ approach can have other benefits too …

“Providing your Facebook community with concrete actions that can be taken online also helps attract new people and offers supporters quick, easy ways to participate and spread your message.“

Here’s a few examples of the kinds of action you could encourage your Facebook followers to take:

• Share a post, photo, video, article or infographic
• Change their profile photo to one you created
• Sign a pledge and tell their friends
• Tag, email or sign a letter to encourage or thank a public figure

While some of your followers may respond right away to this kind of opportunity, others will need more convincing. That’s why it pays to try different styles of posts and a variety of ‘asks’ before your supporter base becomes more engaged.

2. Organise a physical event for your online followers

We all know that online interaction is no substitute for the real thing.

Just like dating online is a great way to meet new people, the reality is it’s only when you meet in person that a genuine connection can be established.

The same can be true for your cause.

And the good news is, Facebook is the ideal place to co-ordinate and promote your offline events.

Your event doesn’t have to be a fundraiser. It could simply be a morning tea, an information night, a celebration of a particular milestone, or a launch party for your campaign.

The options are endless.

As you think about promoting your offline event, remember to:

• Create a simple and clear Facebook event page and share it on your wall
• Build anticipation by talking about the event in the lead-up
• Encourage attendees to post about the event as it’s happening
• Say thank you to those who attended and share photos on your wall

These tips will ensure that you not only create deeper connections with those who attend, you’ll also build an exciting buzz within your wider Facebook community as you talk about and share images from your offline event.

3. Invite people to step up and lead

The term ‘follower’ on Facebook can often be misleading.

Because the reality is, amongst your followers are lots of people who are ready and willing to be leaders (if you’ll only ask them).

They might already be leaders in their community, influencers within their sphere, or simply highly committed everyday people with a heart to serve. Facebook says…

“Passionate followers can become strong advocates for the work your organization does. Find ways to inspire people who care deeply about your cause and give them opportunities to lead on your behalf, both online and offline.”

The key to inviting people to step up and lead is once again all about asking with confidence.

Whether you’re recruiting for leaders for your next event or seeking out influencers to spread your message online, you’ve got nothing to lose by asking your followers for their help.

It’s time to get posting!

Remember that dull and lifeless Facebook page we mentioned at the top of this article?

With just a few tweaks, that stagnant community could become a robust and energetic hub of activity for your cause.

So get posting today. We hope these tips help you discover the hidden potential of your Facebook community.

Like what you see? View our infographic to print out for your reference!

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