Everydayhero & Blackbaud: Better Together

September 11, 2019 Brian Isaac

Everydayhero was founded in 2007 and has helped people all over the world connect with and support the causes they care about.

Since the beginning, giving has been at the core of our business. In our quest to make giving easier and more accessible through secure online fundraising, we’ve expanded our focus from individual giving to a platform for the entire fundraising community: fundraisers, donors, charities, event partners, and corporate organisations.

In 2011, we were lucky enough to join the Blackbaud family, and we’re excited to share what that means for you as a charity, supporter, and customer.


Multiplying the power to do good

Founded in New York in 1983, Blackbaud is the world’s leading and most trusted cloud software platform powering social good.

Blackbaud was formed with a drive to transform what’s possible in the social good community. Driving social impact is 100% of what Blackbaud does. In fact, by working in the social good space, the company has collectively powered millions of users in more than 100 countries.

In 2017, our sister company JustGiving also joined the Blackbaud family with a mission to ensure no great cause goes unfunded.

You may have noticed that, over the past few months, these three brands have been working more closely together. As we worked toward bringing together the industry’s best fundraising authorities, we felt it was the right time to combine them all under one umbrella.


An Ecosystem of Good: what this means for charity

As we blend our knowledge, experience, and solutions from the Blackbaud, Everydayhero, and JustGiving global teams, we are now excited to use this combined power to heighten the success of our customers and take them to the next level. By working closely together, here’s some of what you can expect from us:

  • Access to a larger audience
  • More advanced and extensive Blackbaud research
  • Industry-leading knowledge and innovation
  • An expansive and fully-integrated library of fundraising technology
  • Global scale with local understanding

Keep in mind that this move should not impact your supporters, as we will continue to use the Everydayhero product and name for every event participant, fundraiser, and donor.


What this means in fundraising

We know that true success comes from so much more than just product and technology — it takes solid strategy, agility, adequate resources, meaningful support, established expertise, and enabling technology to be truly successful.

This philosophy forms the underpinning values of our business model. As a partner to the giving sector, we’re committed to supporting and enabling peer-to-peer fundraisers, their peer donors, beneficiary charities, and event and industry partners alike.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to start this new chapter in our history.

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