Lindfield Raised $91,858 in One Exciting School Fundraising Event!

April 7, 2021 Brian Isaac

So many schools had to rethink their fundraising strategy in 2020.

Social distancing, group gathering restrictions, and safety played a big part in this.

But in spite of the changing conditions, countless amazing stories emerged, many of which are dependent on how each school adapted to change.

It's not only shops and restaurants going digital – schools are going cashless too!

Lindfield Public School raised $91,858 during a single fundraising event

Annabelle Woodhouse is always looking for ways to help her child's school.

As a member of the social committee, she helps arrange trivia nights, movie nights, and breakfasts.

Always on the lookout for new ways to fundraise, she learned about Australia's leading school fundraising program – School Fun Run – through a mum at another participating school.

She continued hearing about School Fun Run events, and they looked like a lot of fun. But she didn't know how much money her school could actually raise.

Annabelle also wasn't sure how the school would take to her suggestion... this was much bigger than any event they had ever done before.

After gathering information about the event's simple setup, easy cleanup, and proven fundraising results for schools of all sizes, she took her findings to her committee and the school's principal.

Once she had the signoff she needed, Annabelle and her crew were able to take the next steps: arranging the event and getting the kids excited!

"The School Fun Run team was so approachable and professional, helpful. I felt like I could ask any question at any time."

How did Lindfield promote its School Fun Run?

Now it was about making the event a success. Here's how they did it.

School newsletter and flyers
Lindfield encouraged students to jump online and create a profile each week in the school's newspaper. Flyers were also sent out to activate the local community.

"The way it brought the community together was amazing. There was just such a buzz around the school and the community."

Intercom and teacher announcements
Daily intercom announcements reminded the students about the event's date and activities. Teachers would speak about it at the beginning of their classes.

It's no secret: kids are competitive and want something in return for their work. During School Fun Run, students can redeem special prizes based on how much they raise!

The school also started its own competition, offering an award to each week's top-raising student! Another weekly challenge involved asking students to share what they've done to raise money?

"We wanted to do something different for the kids, during school time. We have lots of international students at our school, so the online platform was perfect. The kids would send their fundraising links to family and friends anywhere in the world, and would get donations overnight!"

New playground, learning spaces, and smiling faces!

The entire community was also excited about what the money raised would go toward.

"The fundraising will go for the upgrading of this playground, and we're also hoping to do an outdoor learning space."

Preparing this experience for the kids made all the difference in their fundraising. Everyone enjoyed every bit of it, and the event itself was as amazing as expected.

"It's been really fun and brought everyone all together, and we've raised more than we ever thought we would. I'd absolutely recommend this to other schools!"

The event was COVID-safe and had extra-easy cleanup. Lindfield Public School was even featured on 7News!

"Never in the history of the school have we raised this amount of money! We had only raised $5,000 - $20,000 before...this event brought in over $91,000."


In the end, Lindfield Public School raised a massive $91,858 last year in a single innovative and COVID-safe fundraising event! Backed by JustGiving, Lindfield leveraged cashless fundraising to get their kids outside, active, smiling, and raising more than ever.


Community support for school fundraising is alive and well

Lindfield Public School's success isn't an anomaly. The top 100 school events have averaged $34,354 during COVID-19. And schools that participated in School Fun Run boosted their average by 51% more per event!

These are schools of all sizes, from large schools with hundreds to some schools with only 35 kids.

Here's why you should consider planning a School Fun Run:

  • Cashless and extra-safe
    Students raise money online instead of out door-knocking.
  • No startup budget required
    No financial risk, out-of-pocket expenses, or products to sell.
  • Secure and efficient
    Secure payment, efficient collection, and automatic receipting. No cash changes hands or needs management by staff.
  • Fun for everyone
    Students can compete, customise, and show off their own fundraising page.

Example of a student's customisable fundraising page

Example of a student's online fundraising badge collection

Example of a participating school's fundraising leaderboard

Nail your fundraising role with an event your school will never forget

Get your students active, break fundraising records, and make memories that last forever. With 30 years of experience and School Fundraising Company of the Year five years running, School Fun Run is the proven method of raising more for your school.

Sign up here to start fundraising (no subscription required):

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