Creating a Roadmap for Online Success - 5 tips!

June 3, 2018 Catherine Xu
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Five Channels To Create a Successful Online Strategy

The digital experience is increasingly important as more of your donors, constituents, fundraisers, and community members go online to learn about your organisation and how best to support it. Mapping out a successful online strategy is the best way to avoid roadblocks in design, marketing communication, and social media engagement across web and mobile platforms. Take a look at our top five tips that will help you create a roadmap for your organisation’s future online success.The Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers … but for some reason, individual posts get little or no response.

1. Design a great user experience – starting with mobile.

Why should your organisation work to optimise a user’s online experience?

  • 60% of donors visit a not for profit’s website before making a gift
  • Mobile internet use surpassed desktop internet use in 2014
  • 80% of mobile users abandon a website if they have a bad user experience
  • 84% of organisations do not have an online donation experience optimised for mobile
  • There is a 34% increase in conversion rates for responsive website and donation forms

How can your organisation create a better online experience for users?

  • Create a responsive site design. Users should see the same content on your site regardless of where they come from.
  • Focus on mobile first!
  • It’s the number one way users will access your website.
  • Design the mobile experience first, then scale up. Trash the traditional approach of creating desktop content then cramming it onto a mobile site.\
  • Navigation systems should be intuitive, precise, and designed for your audience.
  • Provide smart calls to action for access points and multiple action paths through your website for easy viewing.
  • Make sure that users are directed to the appropriate page based on the context in which they search.

2. Drive users to your site with search engine optimisation.

Why should your organisation use SEO to drive traffic?

  • It’s the number one way websites are found. You’ll broaden your reach using it, get new supporters, and target different types of searches.
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. Without proper SEO, most people won’t find your site.

How can you develop an appropriate SEO strategy to increase visitors?

  • Make sure your website is pushing out new, shareable content on a consistent schedule.
  • Think like your audience. Pick keywords and phrases carefully when creating a keyword search list.
  • Analyse key search terms for your organisation, then rank them.
  • Select general and specific keywords, depending on your goal.
  • Group similar keywords together, evaluating them based on target audiences.
  • Pick the right number of keywords (5-20 keywords per group average).
  • Use Google Adwords™ Keyword Planner to help choose keywords.

3. Boost mission revenue through email marketing

Why use email marketing to increase donations?

  • Although the number of emails can lead to clutter, email continues to be the most important channel in online fundraising success.
  • An average email subscriber gets 416 commercial messages a month—use our tips to stand out!

How can your organisation use email marketing effectively?

  • Create a triggered email series to improve email relevancy. Stay top-of-mind for donors and prospects.
  • Make emails mobile-friendly. Get to text sooner with reduced top-image sizing.
  • Send a profile-building email so constituents can easily update contact information.
  • Personalise emails based on past recipient behaviours.

4. Create a diversified fundraising strategy with social media

Why should your organisation enhance its social media presence?

  • Not for Profit social media audiences are growing faster than Not for Profit email and website audiences.
  • 1 in 5 donation shares on social media result in another donation for your organisation.
  • Viral sharing is a valuable tool to increase website traffic and brand exposure.

How can your organisation step up its social media success?

  • Add social sharing buttons to your site. Make it easy for users to find and share your posts.
  • Stay on top of social media trends and guidelines—they change constantly.
  • Create a social ambassador team.
  • Secure 10 to 20 of your organisation’s key social media influencers. Let them spread your messages on their own accounts!

5. Embrace new, do-it-yourself fundraising.

Why should your organisation support DIY fundraising efforts?

  • They make donors happy. DIY donors feel they are part of a community supporting the same mission.
  • It can lead to increased revenue by supplementing existing events or tapping into different resources.
  • You can widen your donor recognition by reaching out to users who would otherwise have not known about your mission.

How can your organisation use DIY fundraising to its advantage?

  • Help them help you! DIY fundraising allows your most passionate supporters fundraise for you.
  • 1 in 4 emails from an event participant results in a donation.
  • 50% of people give because they were asked by a friend, rather than an organisation.
  • Embrace the trends of the largest generation—and let them crowdfundraise for you!
  • 43% of millennials have raised funds on behalf of an organisation.

Like what you see? View our infographic to print out for your reference!

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