Can You Identify the Core Supporters in Your Database? (Part 4)

August 24, 2021 Emelie Oberg

We're at the end of this blog series and we hope you have been able to get a better understanding in what personas are, and how you can use them to connect with your highest-impact supporters through personalised engagement strategies. If you missed the first three blog posts, you can access them here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.  You can also read the full ebook here


To make the best use of your personas, you must develop a persona-driven segmentation program. Segmentation is the process of grouping constituents based on common characteristics—in this case, by their persona. Successful fundraising depends on customising your communications and stewardship to specific donors.

By consistently grouping constituents based on persona, you can easily target a specific group with tailored messaging and asks. Like we saw earlier, the groups with high capacity to give but low inclination require a very different long-term strategy from the groups with capacity and inclination. By segmenting your communication programs, you can efficiently individualise communication to reach your constituents at their own stage in the supporter journey.

When it comes to email, segmentation practices also result in higher open rates and lower unsubscribe rates. As you define the best communication channels and practices for each of your personas, keep in mind that personas are not static.

As donor preferences and habits evolve, so must your personas! Continually update your personas and your fundraising programs accordingly to continue seeing results. And remember that personas are not just for the development office. Educate your entire organisation on your key personas. This insight can be valuable for all areas, including leadership, the board, finance, operations, programming, and marketing.

When all areas of the organisation are communicating with the same personas in mind, your messaging—and results—will be strengthened across the board. Remember that growing a relationship over time is still crucial.

Personas are just another tool to help you make informed decisions about how to focus your efforts and communications. By effectively using personas, you can find increased efficiency, happier supporters, and ultimately greater success for your mission. 

Download the full ebook here!

The free ebook from the Blackbaud Institute, Supporters In Sight: An Introduction to Personas, can help you understand how to incorporate the power of data-driven personas into everything your organisation does for more effective supporter engagement.

Find out more about the value of building relationships with donors based on data-driven personas, factors that indicate a donor’s inclination to give, and how to develop persona-driven messaging
that benefits your entire organisation.  

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