bbcon 2020: Amy Poehler and more special guests announced.

September 14, 2020 Brian Isaac

We’re ecstatic to announce that actress, director, producer, bestselling author, and humanitarian Amy Poehler will join the mainstage at bbcon 2020 Virtual!

As one of Hollywood’s most versatile and sought-after talents, Amy has a seemingly endless list of film, television, and literature accolades and projects.

Perhaps best known for her starring role on the Emmy-nominated NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler received a Golden Globe Award, an American Comedy Award, a Gracie Award, as well as six consecutive Emmy nominations, two additional Golden Globe nominations, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations.

Outside of her film and television work, she continues to produce the award-winning online website “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls,” showcasing real girls who are changing the world by being themselves.

We’re so excited to welcome Amy to bbcon 2020 Virtual. Treat yourself and register now!

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We’re also thrilled to announce more bbcon mainstage speakers: 

    Marc Brackett, Ph.D, Author of Permission to Feel 

.   Dara Torres, Five-Time Olympic Veteran 

Along with: 

  • Dr. Cornel West, Professor, Philosopher, Author, and Activist
  • Justin Dillon, award-winning entrepreneur, author and founder/CEO of FRDM
  • Alice L. Ferris, fundraising leadership expert and founder of GoalBusters
  • Meico Marquette Whitlock, digital and wellness coach
  • Kishshana Palmer, management and leadership expert


Asia Pacific Speakers Announced

This year’s event will go virtual and free for the first time! On October 6–8, our global social good community comes together, bringing industry professionals from around the world together for an unforgettable three days. 

bbcon 2020 Virtual features over 100 sessions from speakers around the world. Discover our Asia-Pacific speakers and topics: 


AI for Fundraising: How to start with machine learning 

Tim Paris – Dataro 

Machine learning and AI is driving change across our society and charities are no exception. This session explores the enormous potential of these technologies to revolutionise fundraising. With case studies from early adopters and thought leaders in the field, Tim will outline current propensity modelling techniques, explore how machine learning can outperform traditional fundraising methods in everything from individual giving through the major giving and gifts-in-will, and step through how to get started with this game-changing technology. A must see session for any fundraiser with an interest in using data to improve their results. 


ASIA-PACIFIC SUPER SESSION: The 8 Principles of a Successful Optimist 

Mark Stevenson - Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur 

Mark Stevenson is one of the world's most respected thinkers on technology, innovation and societal trends - helping you see where the world is going - and how to adapt. He incessantly hunts for ideas, movements and trends, charting the territory of the future and preparing us for the way we may live and work tomorrow. He’ll be taking us on his journey and guide us through his 8 principles for successful optimism to better equip us for this uncertain world. 


Best Practice Data Collection, Management, and Use of Data to Meet Future Community and Donor Expectations 

Katherine Raskob - Fundraising Institute of Australia, Yael Wasserman - Mission Australia, Olivia Jary - Children’s Hospital Foundation 

While Australia’s privacy principles are stringent, they don’t go as far as the 2018 GDPR regulations in the European Union. There, consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. And it must be expressed by a clear affirmative action. All organisations, including charities, need to adhere to GDPR requirements. For charities in Australia, it’s important to consider best practice approaches for data collection, management and use in advance of potentially stricter legislation around the issue of consent and privacy, which is likely to land in Australia in the coming year or two. What are the key things to consider in ensuring that our organisations’ data is collected and managed and how we can further our own data standards to prepare for a new world of privacy restrictions? 


Hidden Treasure: Overcoming the Biggest Barriers to Fundraising Success 

Sean Triner - Moceanic 

Never enough time? Never enough budget? This is a not-to-be-missed session that could help you solve these two challenges in 30 minutes. During this session, Sean Triner will bring logic to the table and showcase two of the biggest barriers to your success as a fundraiser. You'll learn how to tackle the thorny cost of fundraising/return on investment question and receive a formula that is guaranteed to save you time (and solve the "what to outsource" problem). He’s fun, he’s cheeky, and he has a funny accent (a cross between English and Australian), but Sean Triner knows his stuff! 


'Never waste a good crisis' - Capital Raising, Agility, and Resilience in Business 

Annabelle Chauncy - School for Life 

Annabelle is the Founding Director and CEO of School for Life Foundation a multi-national NGO that she founded at the age of 21. Annabelle uses her learnings from the past decade driving the fast growth of a startup for-purpose organisation to discuss team building, brand proposition and development, fundraising, relationship management and finding a deep seeded resilience through passion and purpose. Annabelle is no stranger to having to adopt innovative and dynamic strategies to raise capital and she leveraged her strong relationships with donors to solicit $700,000 of donations in the month of June during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Storytelling for the head and the heart in a capital campaign

Daniel Lalor - MS Queensland 

Learn how creative storytelling and a compelling case for support is meeting both the impact and financial expectations of investors and philanthropists alike. Using the real-life example of how MS Queensland is helping address the housing crisis for people living with a disability through a range of capital campaigns and innovative funding models. A mix of social impact investment and philanthropy is enabling a number of specialist disability apartments to be developed across Queensland and provide an alternative for those forced into aged-care well before their time. 


There's a tile for that, 2020 - The Sky's the Limit 

Stu Hawkins, RedArc 

Are you convinced that if only Raiser's Edge NXT did 'XYZ', your job would become easier? Or are you looking for a feature SO niche you doubt whether it's even possible to develop it? With the new SKY add-in capabilities - the only real limit is your imagination. No, really! From Engagement Scoring to Relationship Trees, this session explores how you can extend Raiser's Edge NXT via Custom Tiles and Extensions, connect your organisation's systems using integration, and automate processes to create a unique system perfect for you. There's a brave new world of connectivity out there, powered by an ecosystem of partners - come and see what's possible! 

For a full list of bbcon session speakers, check out the full session agenda here.



Join us for bbcon 2020 Virtual 

We’re thrilled to have you join us and others around the globe on October 6–8, 2020, for the tech conference for a better world!

  • Thought leadership and best practices specific to your organisation type and role
  • Discussion rooms to talk trends, challenges, and opportunities with other fundraisers
  • Local, on-call Blackbaud consultants at our ‘Ask the Experts’ session
  • Networking opportunities, social events, and more!

Register today, invite your team, and get ready for the excitement.

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