5 Steps to a Winning 2020 Tax Season Campaign

June 4, 2020 Brian Isaac

Everyone in fundraising knows that the weeks leading up to the end of the financial year are critical. 

For this reason, getting your tax appeal right should be a fundamental part of your fundraising strategy. 

This year, while many people have lost jobs or suffered income loss, most Australians are very aware of the ongoing need to support the most vulnerable in our community. 

That means your donors care about your cause now as much as ever before, and those in positions to give are willing and ready this June. 

But with almost every charity in Australia launching their tax-time appeal at the same time, good messaging, especially in the digital sphere, is critical.  

So here’s how to do your tax-time donation appeal right (including how to nail the digital elements), and encourage a wonderful season of generosity from your supporters.

1. Set achievable goals  

Before you plan the specifics of your campaign and before doing any marketing, it’s very important to set meaningful goals and communicate them to your supporters.

  • What is your fundraising target, to the exact dollar?
  • Why do you need that amount and how will it be spent?
  • Why should your supporters give now?

Other internal metrics to measure include deciding whether you want to acquire new donors and how many, whether you want to focus on existing donors, and whether you want monthly/yearly donors to give extra gifts (and if so, how much).

Not only will setting fundraising goals sharpen your thinking and planning, but it also gives your donors something to aim for too, which you can leverage in updates and last-minute communications. 

Plus, you’ll be able to use your goal performance from this year’s campaign to plan for and tighten up future appeals.

2. Define your target audience

Your target audience is the people you’ll be communicating with – either existing donors, prospective givers, or both.

If you don’t know your donor audience quite well already, check out how Blackbaud can help you gather the data you need.

Your direct mail communications will most likely be directed towards the core of your target audience first, but additional digital elements like social media marketing provide a great opportunity to reach more of your target audience and acquire new donors along the way. 

Here are some questions to ask regarding your targets, especially in the digital world of email and social media: 

  • What demographics are currently engaged in our mission?
  • How does that affect this language I use and the medium on which I communicate?
  • What demographics might respond more to our message this tax time?

3. Use all the tools at your fingertips 

If you’re a Blackbaud Everydayhero customer, you’ve got an extra-special tool: a URL unique to your organisation that helps donors to provide support ten times easier!

If you haven’t seen your URL, contact us here and we’ll be happy to help. 


In addition, we’ve created a brand new universal Tax Appeal 2020 Resource Hub that goes into greater depth about setting good goals and writing successful appeals. It also includes ultra-valuable pieces of content you can start using right now, including:

  • Pre-written emails you can send to previous donors and fundraisers
  • Pre-written social media posts you can copy & paste on your social channels
  • Graphics you can place directly on your website or in emails for extra donations
  • Our new Tax Appeal 2020 handbook that wraps all of this up in one simple guide

You may be thinking, "Well, I have so many different types of people in my audience...do I just share the same message to all of them?"

And you're right. However, here's the answer: the core of your message stays the same, while the tone changes.

To adapt your tone, think about how you would speak in-person with someone in each demographic. The pre-written templates we've provided are an excellent starting point, but we encourage that you take them and adapt them to your supporter base, which you know best!


4. Use enhanced Facebook tools to widen your reach 

Once your core messaging has been developed into compelling digital copy for your email marketing, it’s time to look at your social media outreach.  

The world of social media advertising is constantly expanding and adapting as platforms adjust their algorithms and user behaviour changes.  

Facebook continues to dominate, and there are three ways you can use it to enhance your tax-time appeals: 

Organic posts: regular page posts to your existing community. Organic posts should be short, graphic-led, and drive people to donate. 

Boosted posts: sponsored page posts that enable the post to be presented to a wider audience, for a relatively low budget. 

Advertising campaigns: Full advertising campaigns can be run through Facebook for Business. Through the platform, you can set more specific goals – and in particular, only pay for user actions, like click-throughs to your site, or even specific actions on your site using Facebook Pixel. 

The copy you write should be to-the-point, regardless of the platform you’re using. And it’s always advised to use images that draw attention and do some of the work explaining your mission.

5. Take advantage of Partner Offers 

Our Blackbaud partner community has come together to help you make the most of your fundraising this end-of-financial-year.

Whether you want to save money, grow your average gift, or simply drive your donations through the roof, our partners have the tools and expertise to help you get there. Here are some of the partner offers available:

  • A 3-month license for machine learning fundraising with free integration, thanks to the geniuses at Dataro
  • 3 free months of phone performance optimisation, from call centre wizards contactSPACE 
  • Get 50% off AND reach more potential donors via text, thanks to the legends at RunGopher 
  • + many more!

See all of the amazing offers from our Partner community. 


We wish you a healthy and successful season of giving at tax time, and we're always available to help you get there.

We encourage you to explore more of our Recent Articles below and visit the additional resources for the insight you need leading into the new financial year.

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