3 ways to kick your fundraising off with a big bang!

January 5, 2019 Eve Heidemann


As we move into 2019, it’s good practice to review some of the great insights gained from 2018. There were many gems to choose from but here are three of my favourite takeaways not to be overlooked as you kick off your fundraising efforts in 2019.

1. Be an effective communicator
Every email, letter and webpage you produce about your cause, should have effective messaging. Last November, Karl Tischler from Marlin Communication hosted the webinar How to Create Memorable Communications and one of the things I loved was the concept of keeping the message simple and emotional and to never underestimate the power of words.

2. Start focusing on the generations that matter
Research shows that the generational giving trends are shifting, and the “younger” generations are coming out on top of the philanthropic giving pool. We know and have heard it all before, that you have to go to where your donors are, the challenge however, is knowing where they are to start with. The Next Generation of ANZ Giving Report has an abundance of information about generational giving trends. So, if you’re wondering if SMS is the way to go this year or what channels may be best for you cause – I highly recommend you check out the amazing insights captured in this report.

3. Truly appreciate the supporter journey
We’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’. The same goes for each and every one of your donors. You’d like each donor to reach the destination of becoming a regular supporter for your cause. However, the journey for each of your donors isn’t just about getting from Point A to Point B, it’s about the series of moments you create for them along the way. Powerful Relationships Through Meaningful Moments is a must-read whitepaper to help you learn more about the most effective ways to design a supporter journey for your organisation.

So with these top resources at your fingertips, I hope your 2019 kicks off with a bang!

About the Author:

 Megan Chapman leads the marketing operations effort for Blackbaud Pacific and has been with the organisation for over 7 years. She is motivated by the good in the world and is passionate about helping those striving to achieve this. Moving from the US 8 years ago, Megan lives in South Australia with her family and enjoys spending her mornings taking walks on the beach with her son and Kelpie.

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