3 Key Issues Charities Face and How to Solve Them

February 6, 2017 Emelie Oberg

Building and maintaining relationships with your supporters in an increasingly competitive industry can be a difficult task, especially with lack of resources and, in some cases, technical knowledge. However, donor acquisition, brand awareness and fundraiser engagement are among the most important elements of growing your nonprofit and should be supported by strategies designed specifically to maximise your results.

Problem one: Donor Acquisition

Acquiring new donors and taking the time to nurture them is crucial to your prosperity, but limited resources can put cutting edge initiatives on the back-burner and replaced with those that just keep your head ‘above water’. When done right, peer-to-peer fundraising can bring an average of 10 donors per fundraiser and can deliver a much better ROI than traditional techniques. If you’re not sure where to start, take some time to assess whether your website, or current solution is performing as it should. It may be worth considering investing in a more reliable, trusted platform with the expertise needed to get you there. Communication services such as paid search and social media advertising should also be considered. They will allow you to target your existing supporters with very customised messages as well as acquire new donors, especially younger ones. The cost per acquisition also tends to be among the lowest. For maximum results, partner with an Agency Services provider who has an existing relationship with your supporters.

Problem two: Brand awareness

With so many charity competing for the dollar, having a recognised brand helps staying top of mind when fundraisers and donors are deciding who to support. To give more visibility to your brand, you can invest in a customised, branded fundraising solution which will help you gain more exposure within the community. Pulling your branding all the way through from your website to your custom landing pages and other community fundraising platforms will allow, not only for better brand recognition, but also to provide the most seamless supporter experience. Fundraising packages, such as stand alone community fundraising hubs, are the perfect solution for those of you who are strapped for time. With no website to manage on your own, all your fundraising activities can leave in the one, branded place and you can get on with all the wonderful things you do!

Problem three: Fundraiser Engagement

A problem faced by most charities is the age of their donor base. It proves to be very difficult to attract the new generation of donors, especially as they are not receptive to traditional fundraising campaigns and marketing techniques. The key to fundraising success into the future might well be to utilise the power of digital platforms and online giving solutions to create fun and innovative events.

With limited resources and time constraints, planning and executing a physical event can be a logistical nightmare. Meanwhile, your fundraiser’s enthusiasm starts to drop off. Now, just like in the ecommerce space, your supporters are continually expecting a more seamless, and interactive online experience. Running a virtual event allows you to leverage this technological shift to create more engaging experiences for your supporters all while maintaining manageable costs and logistics. If you haven’t already considered running a virtual event, give it some thoughts. Not only does it give your supporters more opportunities to engage with your organisation, it allows them to use their favourite fitness device to track their effort in a more engaging way.

Acquiring and nurturing donors is a major issue for most charities in Australia and, with an ever increasing competition, it will become even harder. This is why revisiting traditional techniques and utilising new technologies is now the key to maintaining and improving your fundraising performance in an evolving and challenging sector. 

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