3 Epic (But Simple) Online Fundraising Ideas to Help You Finish the Year Strong

August 26, 2021 Brian Isaac

It’s been an up-and-down year for all of us, but people haven’t stopped supporting the causes they love. While many in-person fundraising events are still on pause, charities are finding the most success by turning to virtual fundraising events.

Virtual fundraising is the free and easy way to unite people online with unique fundraising events and challenges. It's simpler than in-person fundraising, highly engaging, COVID-safe, and accommodates all supporters regardless of ability or location!

Let’s check out three epic, simple, and free online fundraising ideas you can launch using JustGiving® from Blackbaud® this year to help you raise more leading into 2022.


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1. Try Live Stream Fundraising

In the last few years, online streaming of all types has exploded: gaming, music, language learning, everything you can imagine! Thousands of charity gaming pages have already been created globally using JustGiving®, bringing in over $2 million for good causes! People love combining their passion with giving and, through “charity streams,” you can gain access to a new audience that might not have engaged otherwise.

How to start

  1. Create a Fundraising Campaign to bring your supporters together in one central fundraising hub
  2. Read up on how it works on our Streaming Hub. Share this page with your supporters too to show them how to get started fundraising for you.
  3. Communicate your cause clearly on social media and in an email to your database. People in the gaming community will be affected or know someone affected by your cause, so it’s important your mission is front and centre.


2. Create a Virtual Fitness Challenge

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, supporters are turning to virtual fundraising in the form of fitness challenges. We’ve seen that those who share fitness activity as part of their fundraising raise on average 57% more, and wearable tech like Apple Watch and Fitbit, and mobile apps like Strava, makes this super simple! And with people looking for reasons to exercise outside, it's an excellent opportunity to leverage JustGiving®'s fitness fundraising and integration capabilities.

How to start

  1. Create a Campaign to bring your supporters together in one central fundraising hub.
  2. Create and link an Event or Appeal to your Campaign to enable your supporters to work toward a collective goal on a specific date.
  3. Encourage your supporters to download a free fitness app like Strava and link their activity to their fundraising page to help share their progress and smash their targets.


“We asked people to integrate fitness apps with their page because it takes the donors along in the fundraiser’s journey towards the event. We had a lot of runners smash their targets! Being able to offer this technology to the runners makes a difference.”

 Cure Brain Cancer Foundation


3. Launch an end-of-year campaign

The end of the year is one of the biggest giving opportunities for Australia and New Zealand charities because the holidays inspire giving and people may also have extra income.

How to start

  1. Create a story to drive your campaign. Connect your ask with the end of the year and make sure your supporters are clear about why you’re asking for gifts.
  2. Create a Campaign to bring your supporters together in one central fundraising hub.
  3. Share your campaign on social media and via email to rally supporters around your cause and reach both existing and new givers during one of the most popular giving seasons.



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