The Nonprofit’s Guide to Smart Outsourcing

January 25, 2021 Blackbaud Admin

In this blog post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how outsourcing responsibilities at your nonprofit can better serve your team, your supporters, and ultimately your beneficiaries.

How do effective nonprofits manage their team, their workload, their supporters, their partnerships...and still manage to drive impact for their beneficiaries? 

The secret is in how they manage their responsibilities. 

By utilising a powerful tactic that the world’s most efficient nonprofit organisations rely on, you can improve your operating efficiency, boost your team’s morale, and build long-lasting relationships with your supporters. 

Filling your Database Manager role may not be as easy as you think 

Over the last decade, outsourcing has become a lifeline across the nonprofit sector, for organisations big and small. 

When charities face a lack of internal resources (database manager, officer, or other key role), unable to find someone to backfill a crucial role, or just can’t afford to hire and train someone new, what’s the solution? 

Outsourcing (obtaining services from an outside supplier) will enable you to leverage expertise for your database management, strengthening your organisation’s capability and ensuring you don’t fall behind in achieving expected outcomes. 

Regardless of the size of your organisation, there are many other reasons nonprofits and higher education institutions should consider outsourcing and start reaping the immediate benefits. 

What to do in a bind: the top 8 reasons nonprofits outsource 

1. Get on with your mission

In the unfortunate circumstance that your database administrator or officer moves on from the company, outsourcing certain tasks can take over and help ensure “business as usual.” 

It must be done, but let’s be honest: data management is a back-of-house process and not of interest to your donors or beneficiaries. 

By outsourcing these functions, you and your team have more time to focus on what really matters –  your mission and continuing to make a difference in the world. 

2. Work faster

We expect you’ve experienced this one: hiring staff takes a long time. 

A 2014 study revealed that in Australia there was an average of 28 days required for the interview process. 

Add on the extra paperwork and training, and this means a significant lead time before someone’s operating to their full potential and capacity. Outsourcing provides your organisation with a dedicated expert that’s ready to hit the ground running. 

3. Hiring is costly

The costs of hiring are unpredictable. 

A candidate may desire compensation higher than you planned, and any recruitment company will always strive to take their share. Add on any capital purchases, and you are looking at higher upfront costs with ongoing uncertainty. 

By outsourcing, you get predictable, planned investment: clear pricing and payment terms outlined in advance so you can plan ahead and avoid surprises. In many cases, the overall investment can be less than hiring an in-house employee. 

4. Instant experts at your side

Unless you have luck hiring an expert in the field, you need guidance on best practice when spearheading a new project. 

A professional consultant within the sector brings a wealth of expertise in best-practice methodology, focusing on the nonprofit sector and data-driven fundraising. 

5. No worries about infrastructure

In-house projects require you to build infrastructure, which can mean anything from upgrading a PC to Windows 10, to investing in new software or an entire SQL Server. 

By partnering with a professional consultant from an established organisation that’s done it before (and already has the infrastructure in place), you won’t have to worry about setup or the enormous upfront investment. 

6. Help your team become experts

Blackbaud works with thousands of organisations around the world, with a team of dedicated experts and consultants. 

By outsourcing, you have access to these resources and global knowledge culminating from a diverse team with experience built over many decades working specifically with leading nonprofit and higher education institutions across the globe. 

You’re not just handing off tasks: you’re helping your team become solution experts in the context of your day-to-day business operations. 

7. Ultimate Accountability

When you engage with Blackbaud, you benefit from the skills of an outsourced consultant, engagement manager, and account manager. 

All three will work seamlessly together to ensure the services you have been provided are being delivered on time and on budget. They will also ensure you have the ongoing support your project truly deserves. 

8. Flexibility, adaptability...and no downtime 

Outsourced consultants serve to meet the needs of your organisation, whatever it may be. 

From short-term support through to ongoing staff training, strategic planning, and everything in between, having this flexibility helps provide your team the support when and where it’s needed most. 

Blackbaud can provide induction services and help maintain consistency when new staff join your organisation, eliminating the downtime between hires. 


Join the leading nonprofits

At Blackbaud, we have the privilege of working with a team of dedicated, passionate, and skilled individuals every day. 

We are constantly inspired to learn new things and appreciate the contributions our colleagues make to our work. As a result, we know that having us join your team will make a significant difference and help your organisation achieve even more amazing things. 

Join the likes of Heart Foundation, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, The University of Auckland, Charles Darwin University, and more. Learn what Blackbaud as a Managed Services expert partner can do for you. 

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