Is Your Nonprofit Falling Behind? This is a Better Way to Stay Productive

September 4, 2020 Brian Isaac

Throughout history, many have had ideas that changed the world forever.

But unfortunately, even more have had big ideas they weren’t able to execute.

“Limited resources” is all too common in the world of nonprofits.

Monumental workload. Not enough time. Not enough staff.

Not enough anything.

What does this translate to? Not effectively fulfilling the mission you set out to accomplish.

Maybe you've seen your organisation’s results slow down due to COVID. Perhaps your outcomes haven’t changed much since last month.

Maybe even since last year.

And there could be a few reasons for being that your team may be trying to spread itself too thin.

Is your team trying to do too much?

2019 research shows that an astonishing percentage of the population are working unsafe hours.

As shown in the studies, this overworking can quickly lead to a wealth of significant workplace struggles and personal issues: lack of productivity, physical and mental health troubles, and a decline in sleep quality.

We can’t always do it by ourselves. Sometimes it’s okay to ask for a little help.

When do you know it’s time to get extra help?

To put it simply, we help you get your work done.

Our team is your on-call expert, ready to jump in and help get the work done, and leave your staff free to work on other mission-critical goals.

Some common situations that require our help:

  • Someone’s on leave or has recently left the organisation and you need to fill the gap
  • You’re looking to start a big project in 2020 and aren’t sure what to do first
  • Your team’s at maximum capacity and you need an extra hand with an important upcoming campaign
  • You have plenty of unorganised data and need help cleaning everything up
  • You want to better understand where and who your donations are coming from
  • You’re not sure if you have the right tools and systems for the job you need to do
  • You know you’ve got the right tools for the job but don’t know how do specific tasks (or an entire host of tasks)
  • You’ve got a bunch of systems that aren’t talking to each other and you need to hook everything together
  • Your website isn’t converting and could use some hands-on improvement

With Blackbaud Managed Services, you will gain expert help and consulting with:

  • Database Management
    • Data configuration and integration
    • Data import and export
    • Database monitoring and validation
    • Systems analysis
    • Process improvement
  • Campaign Management
    • Segmentation
    • Mailing lists
    • Reporting
  • Digital Management
    • Web management
    • Data integration
  • Other Staff Augmentation and Services
    • Business process outsourcing
    • Growth initiatives

Plus so much more.


See all the ways our team of experts can become your team of experts.


Utilising Managed Services has not just brought one team member on a week – it has enabled us to access all the support services available to us with minimal downtime.

Karen Glazbrook
Manager, Development of Global Strategy and Advancement
Charles Darwin University


Plus, you might already be using Blackbaud solutions to manage your donors, payments, and fundraising campaigns.

But let’s be honest.

Not all of us are power users of every software tool we need to use for work.

In fact, with the workload at most organisations, most of us don’t even know about the wealth of features beyond what we use for day-to-day tasks.

Why not utilise the creators of these tools to help you crack into their full power and potential?


The best thing about being a managed services consultant is seeing my clients achieve something they thought impossible simply because they didn’t have the time, resources, or training.

Michael Ward
Senior Fundraising Systems Consultant


No such thing as fundraising downtime

It’s time to finally have confidence in the completeness of your data.

Operate at top speed.

Get transparent with your organisation’s performance and adjust your strategy quickly.

Learn and use the best practices from a team that’s done it for decades.

Get your staff out of “task mode” and into the life-changing work they were meant for.

Join the likes of Heart Foundation, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, The University of Auckland, Charles Darwin University, and more. Learn what Blackbaud as a Managed Services expert partner can do for you.

Learn more about Blackbaud Managed Services

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▶ On-Demand Webinar: Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal Training

On-Demand Webinar: Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal Training

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